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Quick Overview

  • Shunt device, no dynamic losses possible
  • Uses Quantum Resonance Theory (QRT)
  • Two circuits, (LF and HF) using separate power supplies
  • Adjustable intensity
  • WA-Quantum and Creaktiv Systems Chips internal
  • Potted in Akiko Audio Tuning mix (minirals) and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
  • Can be combined without any problems with any audio mains related products
  • Multiple QA PLUGS intensify the effect
  • Simple ‘plug & play’ installation


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Enjoy richer, undisturbed and more realitic sound and vision

Truly new visions and products can only emerge by leaving the beaten track. For audio/video products this is definitely not the most common and easy way. Revolutionary technology rarely comes from the marketing department either. For us at KE this is the result from our deep knowledge, thorough development and the strong ambition to create unique products with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The convincing proof that this approach can lead to some very remarkable products can be found in our QA PLUG and SR PLUG. Different and unusual for sure but by no means less effective. Just follow your eyes and ears. The improvement in sound and picture quality is impossible to miss.

The QA PLUG creates a precisely laid out spectrum of natural high- and low frequency electromagnetic waves which will encounter or even remove disturbing fields from our living environment. The intensity of the QA PLUG can be infinitely varied, depending on placement and your personal preferences. Using the QA PLUG takes no more action than to plug it in. Plug & play! The closer you place it to your set (eg in the power distributor) the more clearly the effect is. Multiple QA PLUGS, even in adjacent rooms, will enhance their effect.

The result is a clear enhancement of realism and harmonic structure, while you can nearly grab the performance. These enhancements cannot be laid down in figures easily, but will be clear to any pair of eyes and ears.

Last but not least both the QA PLUG and SR PLUG have a very interesting property; after a while of use, taking away the QA PLUG is even more clear than starting to use it. You will quite immediately notice "something is missing". We can promise you, you'll replace the QA PLUG within minutes.

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