Synergistic Research Core UEF Level 1 & 2 Speaker Cables

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Excl. TAX: € 247.11 Incl. TAX: € 299.00

Quick Overview

  • Available in two versions, level 1 and level 2
  • Silver and gold plated spades and/or BoFa bananas
  • Shielding silver Mylar
  • Dielectric modified polyethylene
  • Quantum Tunneling process with 1 million Volts applied
  • UEF technology with graphene incorporated, significantly reducing noise floor
  • Standard length 4 to 8 feet


Ordinary becomes extraordinary

You choose your speakers to deliver a powerful and emotionally satisfying musical experience and with Core UEF Speaker Cables, that’s exactly what you get. Featuring Silver Matrix Alloy conductors and UEF Graphene Shielding, your speakers transport you to the live event as never before.

Core UEF Level 1 Speaker Cables are hand made from high purity Copper Silver Matrix conductors and terminated with the SR exclusive UEF Graphene process for improved signal transfer. Then each pair of Core UEF Level 1 speaker cables are treated with 1,000,000 Volts of electricity in a process that's called Quantum Tunneling for a dramatic improvement in frequency extension and holographic sound staging.

CorUEF Level 2 Speaker Cables build on CorUEF Level 1 performance with the addition of UEF Graphene Shielding and Graphene Signal Transfer for a significant increase in resolution and holographic "you-are-there" realism. This exciting technology obliterates noise and distortion so you hear nothing but your favorite music, guaranteed. 


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