Harmonix RFA-7800 white & wood MM Room Tuning Disks

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Excl. TAX: € 78.51 Incl. TAX: € 95.00

Quick Overview

  • Minimalistic room tuning
  • Comes as a set of 18 disks, or available separately
  • Available in white or wood color
  • Dimensions Ø25x4 mm


Minimalistic room tuning

Magically transform any room into a sound theater! Harmonix room tuning devices are one of the the biggest revolution in sound improvement ever! They are a totally new concept: rather than tune your equipment, they tune the room your equipment is in. And rather than absorb sound like other tuning devices do, these devices enhance sound by letting it reflect freely without distortion or masking of the original information.

Attach them to major surfaces of any room and the change is instantaneous. Suddenly the room offers a wider dimensionality and dynamic range with deeper silences between musical notes. The structure of individual notes becomes cleaner, clearer and better defined, with each note having a discernible end as well as beginning. Incorporating a complex system of energy storage and soundfield dynamics, Harmonix room tuning devices eliminate audible distortion almost as if by magic. Sound experts and audiophiles are unanimous: not only do these devices make your hi-fi sound better, they also improve the sound of your radio, TV, piano and even your voice. With these tuning disks, you can “build” a true sound theater anywhere you want! RFA-78i Room Tuning Disks treats live music house, concert hall, church and your listening room. 

A revolution in the concept of sound reproduction, Harmonix room tuning devices focus on the importance of tuning the room. Harmonix RFA-7800 room tuning devices eliminate boomy bass, separates and delineates the acoustic space of each recorded instrument and singer in space, thus recreating the unique quality of the original performance.

Following the simple guidelines provided, attach these devices to the walls, floors and ceilings of your listening room. The effect is almost like entering the concert hall where the recording was made! When used in conjunction with other Harmonix accessories, the listening experience can be elevated to unprecedented new levels of clarity and power.


Harmonix Professional Room Tuning Device - Concert Hall to Go by Cai Brockmann @ image-hifi.com (German and English)
RFA-7800 Evaluation Report - Absolute fantastic by Ed van Dongen @ Daluso

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Every day Harmonix 7800 day Review by bikenno
Just to let all of you music lovers and audiophiles know : everyday is a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ listening experience ever since I did purchase these Japanese magic pucks ???????? The proof is in the pudding aka the wooden pucks. Worth every penny / euro in room acoustics treatment. Highly recommended snake oil ???? (Posted on 8/11/2021)
Amsterdam apartment room fine tuned Review by bikenno
A small room ( 16 square meters / 45 cubic meters ) plastered walls and ceiling, parquet floor, windows on one side, two mdf doors, a Belgium stone mantelpiece including a cast iron woodburner including some soft covered furniture, is not ideal for any grownup audiosystem. We are talking floorstanding speakers and a 2 x 110w amplifier tuned to their max with Kemp Power Strip - Power Cords - interconnects - antenna cable ( radio listening )- QA and SR plug - WA Quantum chips. Too much for our living room to handle, I was in the proces of purchasing another but smaller audiosystem incuding bookshelf speakers until I discovered these japanese handcrafted woodworks / pucks. After reading the raving reviews I did give a try, persuaded by Ronald Kemp's "no satisfaction money back" policy. ( a complete set of 18 disks costing almost as much as a new audiophile bookshelf speakerset ) Within 24 / 48 hours after mounting these small wooden disks ( secret ???????? recipe ) and after a week, I was more than convinced and amazed. Harmonix does " control " the soundwaves including bass booming without taking away the details. I didn't return the Harmonix 7800 tuning disks, even decided to purchase a second set to further enhance my music experience. To quote the application guide : the room offers a wider dynamic range with deeper silences between musical notes. The structure of individual notes becomes cleaner, clearer and better defined. Even the sound of our television has been improved ( ofcourse !!! ) Money well spend, thank you Kemp Elektroniks and Harmonix by Combak Corp.
5 Stars XXXXX for this miraculous product! (Posted on 11/20/2020)

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