Synergistic Research Atmosphere Mini X4 Base station

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Excl. TAX: € 1,566.12 Incl. TAX: € 1,895.00

Quick Overview

  • Ultra Low Frequency generator
  • 3 Acoustic scenes
  • Easy iPad control for acoustic settings
  • Creates a life-like experience
  • Complements function of all UEF products
  • For small and medium sized rooms
  • Available in white/chrome or black
  • Weight 1.3 kg
  • Dimensions 10x10x36 cm / 4x4x14"


Final frontier in atmospheric realness

The new Atmosphere Mini X4 now has 4 antennas for a full 360 degree broadcast to the original Mini’s 2 antennas with its 180-degree broadcast pattern. This makes Atmosphere Mini X4 far more powerful, and now with the ability to power both Mini and XL Satellites, you can scale it to any task from a dedicated listening room to a listening room that also doubles as your living room. Standing at only 14″ tall for both the Atmosphere Mini X4 and Mini Satellite, this new compact system retains all of the larger Atmosphere’s functionality and room settings so you can hide it in and around your living listening room including bookshelves, behind sofas, away in corners, behind equipment racks, or anywhere you can find to enjoy the ultimate in stealth acoustic treatment. 

Designed for those who want the ultimate in active control of your room’s acoustics while remaining virtually invisible, if you want to maximize the performance from your Synergistic Research UEF products including acoustic treatments, cables with UEF shielding, and UEF Tranquility Bases without sacrificing your rooms aesthetics, Atmosphere Mini X4 is a perfect choice.

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