Synergistic Research HFT Speaker Kit

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Quick Overview

  • High Frequency Transducer to upgrade any speaker
  • Tiny devices with high impact
  • Set contains: 2 HFT, 2 HFT 2.0 and 2 HFT X
  • Each set treats one speaker
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Weight 0
  • Dimension 10x8 mm


Control is power

Using a combination of HFT's, HFT 2.0's and HFT X's allows your speakers to disappear and blend into your room providing the most life-like soundstage possible. This kit tackles the problem of surplus HFTs when buying them in normal packs. You will save 10 %.

HFT 2.0 and HFT X take the HFT concept to exciting new levels. The HFT 2.0 is a warmer sounding transducer and HFT X has more details and resolution and both are intended to be used in conjunction with the original HFTs.

What they do:
 - Tunes speaker cabinet resonances
 - Expands soundstage height, width and depth
 - Extends and clarifies high frequencies
 - Improves low frequency extension and bass control
 - Lowers noise floor for improved inner detail and micro-dynamics

Click here for more information about the HFTs. 


HFT, HFT 2.0, and HFT X
Optimal combination on each speaker

HFT - Bottom and back of speaker, lower back HFT for warmth

HFT 2.0 - Sides of speaker, 1/2 way, lower for warmth

HFT X - Top and below tweeter

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