Synergistic Research HFT Speaker Kit Promo: buy 2 and get 1 FREE!

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Excl. TAX: € 329.75 Incl. TAX: € 399.00

Quick Overview

Order a pair of HFT Speaker Kits in our online store and send us an email which third one of equal or lesser value you want to receive for FREE.

  • High Frequency Transducer to upgrade any speaker
  • Tiny devices with high impact
  • Set contains: 3 HFT, 2 HFT 2.0 and 2 HFT X
  • Each set treats one speaker
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Weight 0
  • Dimensions each Ø10x8 mm


Control is power

Using a combination of HFT's, HFT 2.0's and HFT X's allows your speakers to disappear and blend into your room providing the most life-like soundstage possible. This kit tackles the problem of surplus HFTs when buying them in normal packs. You will save 25 %!

HFT 2.0 and HFT X take the HFT concept to exciting new levels. The HFT 2.0 is a warmer sounding transducer and HFT X has more details and resolution and both are intended to be used in conjunction with the original HFTs.
An additional standard HFT is included to place on the ceiling directly above your speaker.

What they do:
 - Tunes speaker cabinet resonances
 - Expands soundstage height, width and depth
 - Extends and clarifies high frequencies
 - Improves low frequency extension and bass control
 - Lowers noise floor for improved inner detail and micro-dynamics

Click here for more information about the HFTs. 

Synergistic Research – Frequency Equalizer Carbon with ATM Tuning Module plus High-Frequency Transducers (HFT) by Bill Wells @ stereotimes,com


HFT, HFT 2.0, and HFT X
Optimal combination on each speaker

HFT - Bottom and back of speaker, lower back HFT for warmth

HFT 2.0 - Sides of speaker, 1/2 way, lower for warmth

HFT X - Top and below tweeter

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