AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush

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  • Safe, fast, and effective tool for removing dust and debris from vinyl records
  • Conductive carbon fiber bristles and conductive gold contacts remove microscopic dust before it becomes embedded in the vinyl
  • Keeps records sounding like new
  • Eliminates static charge on your records
  • weight 36 g / 1.27 oz.
  • Size 110x35x16 mm / 4.3x1.4x0.6"


Keep records sounding like new

Back in 1973, AudioQuest became a dedicated user of the carbon fiber Decca Record Brush. The British Decca Brush was so wonderfully more effective than any of the wet-cloth-pad cleaners that smeared dirt around on one’s records. As often happens to truly superior products, the Decca brush was mostly ignored — the overall record-cleaning market was dominated by cleaning pads attached to wood handles — not because they worked well, but because many hi fi stores preferred to sell a cleaner that forced customers to come back to buy “special” fluid, again and again.

After AudioQuest was born in 1980, and with the wild success of the AQ 404 phono cartridge in 1982, and because I personally used a carbon fiber record brush every single day — AudioQuest began making their Carbon Fiber Record Brush — now a 35-year old success story, and maybe the world’s favorite way to respect and care for LPs.

Except they eventually learned that their previous Record Brush (and every other brand of carbon fiber brush), doesn’t have a good electrical path between the fibers and the handle, and that the print-protecting coating on the metal handle prevents a proper electrical connection to the user’s hand. The user is the “ground” for static electricity, so having a good electrical contact from fibers-to-hand is essential!

In creating AQ’s new conductive carbon fiber brush, they created new tooling for every part of the new design. AQ’s reborn brush has ideal conductivity from the carbon fibers, through the internal parts of the brush, to the conductive gold contacts placed right where your fingers need them.

They also reinvestigated what is possible with carbon fibers, finally choosing for their new brush a far greater quantity of new, smaller fibers in order to more effectively sweep away micro dirt, not just the less relevant visible dust.

To everyone who has an AQ Record Brush or any other brand of carbon fiber brush, and to everyone who hasn’t yet discovered how simple it is to keep records clean, we invite you to experience the reborn conductive AudioQuest Anti-Static Record Brush. Your records will thank you!

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