Furutech Destat III Static Eliminator

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Quick Overview

  • Removes static charge and dust
  • Just a 15 seconds treatment
  • Creates positive as well as negative ions
  • 30% more power than its predecessor (Destat II)
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)


Revolutionary new Balanced Ion Flow Generator

Get rid of dust and static charge from your vinyl LPs, CDs, cables and components in seconds with the Furutech DeStat III static charge remover: hear better sound with the push of a button.

Hear better sound by getting rid of performance-inhibiting dust and static from your vinyl LPs and CDs in just 15 seconds with the Furutech DeStat III static charge remover. Featuring 30 percent more zapping power than its acclaimed predecessor, DeStat III is incredibly easy to use and eliminates distracting noise, annoying ticks, and compromised sound from your music. Simply place your LP, CD, or DVD on DeStat III, or hold it over your media, press a button. DeStat III's powerful fan removes dust while its Balanced Ion Flow Generator releases a balance of positive and negative ions to eliminate static electricity. In every way, DeStat III allows you to get the maximum performance from your audio media – and your system.

Every component, from amplifiers to CD transports, also benefits from eliminating static charge. You can also use DeStat III to remove static charge from your power cords, line-level interconnects, speaker cables, and metal record clamps. Small and efficient, DeStat III is powered by four AA batteries and easily used with one hand. Effective accessories don't come much better or simpler!

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DESTAT III From Furutech: SAY NO TO STATIC! by Paul Rigby @ TheAudiophileMan.com

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