Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener

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  • Flattens warped records
  • Restores unusable records
  • Uses film heating technology for even temperature 
  • Heating plate maximum temperature 65 ℃
  • Power consumption 25 - 100 W
  • Weight: 11 kg / 20 lbs
  • Dimensions 445x547 mm / 17x20 inch


Breathe new life into your warped and unplayable LPs

Warps are bad news no matter how you look at it. If the arm/cartridge remains parallel to the LPs surface as with a flat record, VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) remains unchanged throughout every rotation. Additionally, as the arm/cartridge tracks a warp on its upside, it places greater pressure on the stylus which changes VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) until the peak of the warp, whereupon the cartridge becomes “unloaded” with too little VTF on the way down.

The Furutech DF-2 takes up virtually no room at all with its space-saving, vertical storage design. Improved film heating technology optimizes the entire heating and cooling cycle for a perfectly flat LP that you and your cartridge will love. Now you can save your cherished discs, from LPs with a slight warpage to your seriously warped LPs, now they can all be safely Furutech Flattened! NOTE: Furutech cannot guarantee perfection on the most severely damaged and warped LPs. But nothing on earth is as successful in saving warped records!

The DF-2 is more versatile than ever: stores vertically, operates horizontally and now works with standard weight 120 g pressings all the way up to the thickest audiophile pressings. As with the previous DFV-1, the DF-2 is a model of simplicity to use: an LCD display keeps you informed of progress (which takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours) and a tone signaling when done.

NOTE: Furutech states the DF-2 is not for use on ultra-thin records under 120 g. You can absolutely safely use the DF-2 to flatten any standard weight (120 g) records, but 110 g and 115 g records (or lower) should not be used with the DF-2.

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