Synergistic Research UEF Record Weight Almost 1 kg weight!

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Quick Overview

  • Combines mechanical weight with UEF & HFT technologies
  • Chassis made of stainless steel & carbon fibre
  • Bearings made of carbon tungsten
  • Reduces wow & flutter
  • Red & Blue HFTs included: 2 tuning options
  • Weight 952 gram! / 2.1 lbs! (33 oz)!
  • Dimensions Ø82x74 mm / Ø3.2x2.9 inch


Record setting performance

The Synergistic Research UEF Record Weight was developed in conjunction with their new MiG SX footers and so shares many of the same sonic traits, including the ability to dramatically expand the scale and layering of your soundstage while improving timbral accuracy and tonal density.

During the design phase, SR pursued two competing designs simultaneously. One was a record clamp that locked to the center platter pin, and the other was a suspended record weight. Initially, the designers felt the record clamp would offer better performance but quickly discovered one significant drawback, once locked down the clamp becomes an extension of the platter and this prevents minute variations in lateral and vertical movement, thus compressing the soundstage when directly compared to our suspended record weight design. Synergistic then maximized performance by experimenting with different mass loads in the main stainless steel and carbon fibre body and various leaf spring suspensions that form the connection between the mass of the stainless steel and the tungsten carbon bearings that make contact with the record itself. Because of the inertia of the high mass of the UEF Record Weight, this adds to the speed stability of the platter (less wow & flutter).

Of course, the design team also experimented with different bearing materials, but just as with MiG SX, tungsten carbon quickly proved superior to other materials like brass, bronze, and stainless steel. After fine-tuning the mass and the suspension, they voiced the Record Weight with an internal UEF element and an external UEF option that allows you to choose between two sonic balances in the form of a Red and a Blue HFT specially voiced to deliver air and detail or warmth and liquidity.

Tuning options

Air Liquid
When you place the included Blue HFT on top of the UEF Record Clamp, you experience more air and detail with a cooler and in some recordings, a more dramatic holographic soundstage. This is perfect for listening to artists like Roger Waters or electronic music with dramatic phase effects. When you place the included Red HFT on top of the UEF Record Clamp you experience rich tonal warmth and greater liquidity with a smoother presentation. This is perfect for vocal recordings like Frank Sinatra and Diana Krall or anytime you want greater warmth and musicality.

As with other Synergistic Research products, we offer you the UEF Record Weight with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can spin your favorite records with ample time to make a final decision risk free.

Synergistic Research Record Mat & Weight by Mavi HiFi @ Florida Audio Show 2022
Synergistic Research UEF Record Mat & Weight @ Mavi Hi-Fi

Synergistic Research UEF Record  Weight - Aspired to Inspire by Robert S. Youman @

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