Kemp Elektroniks Supreme³, single - gold Cylindric Fuse Cartridge

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Excl. TAX: € 144.63 Incl. TAX: € 175.00
Excl. TAX: € 144.63 Incl. TAX: € 175.00

Quick Overview

  • Supreme audio grade replacement for standard circuit breaker
  • Durably silver/gold plated contacts for best conductivity
  • Cryogen treated and demagnetized
  • HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Copper Fuse 10x38 mm supplied
  • Including silver plated spare fuse
  • Available in 16, 20, 25 and 32 A slow-blow (time lag, aM)
  • WA-Quantum Power Chip
  • Single pole switch and fuse combined in one package, DIN-rail mount
  • CE, IEC, EN, DIN and VDE certified
  • Capable of accommodating cables up to 10 mm²/3 AWG
  • Weight 62 gram / 2.2 ounce
  • Sizes 18x81 mm / 0.7x3.2 inch


The first, crucial link of your audio/video system

Modern consumer units make use of automatic, resettable fuses. They measure current-flow on a magnetical basis to interrupt current in case of an overload or short circuit. This automatic fuse contains an inductor and several (small) contacts. An advantage of these fuses is the reset function, a major disadvantage can be found in the negative influence it has on the quality of sound and vision. 

Automatic fuses (as used in any modern home) react extremely fast on surges that exceed the nominal current. Many amplifiers incorporating large power supplies don't have an inrush current limiter and cause an automatic breaker to trip immediately. This is fully due to the extremely fast response of these breakers. Fuses using a melting wire as used in our Cylindric Fuse Cartridges prevent these mishaps. In nearly all applications a 16 Amps fuse is more than adequate, even in combination with very powerful amplifiers.

We proudly present the Supreme version of our classic Cylindric Fuse Cartridge. It incorporates cryogen treated and silver/gold plated contacts. The Supreme³ fuse is supplied by HiFi-Tuning. To the module a WA-Quantum Power Chip has been applied. Spare fuses are standard silver plated ones.

Highly recommend to replace an existing AHP Klangmodul. An upgrade to the latest and best Supreme³ version of our Cylindric Fuse Cartridge is done very easy by just replacing the fuse to the Supreme³.

This Single Unit is not allowed in the Netherlands, because both the live and neutral wires need to have the possibility to be switched off. As far as we know, these restrictions only apply to the Netherlands. 

Doepke DFS4 & Kemp Elektroniks Supreme³ Cartridge review by Matej Isak @ Mono and Stereo High End Magazine

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