Quantum Science Audio Black, Blue, Yellow & Purple 5x20, 6.3x32 & 10x38 mm

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Excl. TAX: € 27.27 Incl. TAX: € 33.00

Quick Overview

  • 4 Levels; Black, Blue, Yellow & Purple
  • Current flow indicated with an arrow on the fuse
  • Most of the break in is done in the first 24 hours
  • Time-delay, fast-acting on request
  • Available in all usual current ratings
  • Available 5x20 mm, 6.3x32 mm, 10x38 mm and 14x51 mm
  • 3 Year garantee


Magic fuses

Quantum Sciences has been working on research and development of their fuses for over 22 years. Their proprietary technology removes what they call "bottle neck distortion", making the sound reproduced by your components more alive, unbelievably dynamic with an ultra dark sonic background. Enjoy the musical experience in your home like never before!

The fuse is one of the biggest bottlenecks in any audio component performance. At QSA, their belief is that the biggest bottleneck in an audio components' performance is the fuse. All of the power feeding your component (probably from a very expensive power cord) ultimately runs through this tiny filament of wire -a ten cent part- before it enters your system. Power cords can and do help, as does power conditioning, but ultimately it is the fuse that is the weak link in the power chain. QSA has spent 22 years working to eliminate this bottleneck. Their line of fuses spans a wide range of performance levels and price points. All are designed to eliminate the distortions created by a typical fuse. The end result are fuses that allow your components to perform at their best. Drawing you into the music on an emotional level you might not have thought possible. QSA's value proposition and challenge to the customer is that these fuses will outperform the sonic benefits power cords and cables costing many times more.

Our listening tests of the Red Fuse (1200 Euro) convinced in seconds of their value. It is no overstatement to say that these fusus are a paradigm shift in our concept of what matters in the audio system. These tiny devices bring out the emotional/musical potential of any component like no other tweak or accessory we have EVER listened to. The amount of performance that these fuses allow your components is well worth the asking price. Guaranteed!

Bottom Line: these fuses offer the most significant upgrade in sound quality compared to any other accessory, cable, or tweak we have ever tried. It's not even close; they redefine value for high end audio. We encourage you to try for yourself. As we stand firmly behind our products, we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee.

QSA Fuses in particular are directional! Direction of the primary fuse can only be determined using a voltage detecting screwdriver. Remove the primary fuse, re-insert the plug into the wall outlet, switch on the device and determine on which of the two contacts of the fuse holder the lamp in the screwdriver lights. This is the hot side of your fuse holder; the tail end of the arrow should point toward this side. However, only do this when the contacts are easy to access and you understand what you are doing. In all other cases you should listen to the fuse inserted in both directions. One direction will sound more detailed with a more natural timbre. This is the correct way.

Many audiophiles ask us about the soundwise differences between the QSA Yellow Fuse and the Synergistic Research Orange Fuse. Dutch tweak expert and reviewer John van Polen compared the two:

"The SR Orange en QSA Yellow fuses contribute distinctly different to the sound. The SR Orange is all about a homogeneous, rather easy-going sound with nicely saturated tone colours. The QSA Yellow fuses on the other hand yield breathtaking dynamics, a silent background and a very clear and clean sound. Bass is extremely fast and deep. On the flipside, the QSA Yellow does not provide the richness in the midrange the SR Orange does. So there is no "better fuse"; it all boils down to taste, system and musical preference. Perhaps one could say the QSA Yellow is most suitable for the audiophile looking for excitement while the SR Orange serves the music lover who appreciates pure rendering of classical music best."

Quantum Science Audio series Fuses by Clement Perry @ stereotimes.com
“The ease, dynamic prowess, bass articulation, and speed were also outstandingly more pronounced. The system appeared to have more of a jump factor but simultaneously remained eerily quiet and relaxed. Dynamics poured forth with a great sense of foundation, resolve and control. I just sat there dumbfounded, shaking my head, thinking this is the result of a fuse?”

Quantum Science Audio series Purple Fuses - Take Two by Mike Wright and Greg Voth @ stereotimes.com
“Considering how expensive a VAC preamp and a pair of stereo amplifiers are, the $2K cost of the QSA Purple fuses juxtaposed with the increased performance; I feel my investment has been maximized. That is why I can say, if you are looking to get the best out of what you have, or are thinking about replacing your electronics, try a QSA fuse first. You may wind up saving yourself some money.”

Tommyu @ Audiogon discussion forum, 08-08-2021
“Quantum Science Audio uses innovative and breakthrough technology to produce fuse products. Metal activation technology is also becoming more mature. It can be applied to various audio products. Regardless of the price, QS's top fuse is indeed the most comprehensive and effective product I have tested.”

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Fuse NOT good Review by Clara
i bought two fuses Quantum Science Audio Blue large size (6.3x32mm) but they are smaller!! Maybe 29 or 30 mm so they not run on my elettronics.
i'm disappointed
(Posted on 7/27/2022)

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