Perfect Sound CD-Control Spray

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Cleaning and conservation agent for optical discs like CD/CD-ROM/DVD/BDs. After treatment, less reading errors will be introduced, resulting in less distortion, and a more dynamic, transparent sound, as well as a higher resolution in vision. Capacity 50 ml, enough for 200 treatments. May also be applied to discs that have been treated with a permanent marker.


Affordable, effective accessories

Cones (wider spikes) under your loudspeakers will create a good coupling between them and the floor. Unwanted vibrations from the loudspeaker cabinet can now be absorbed by the floor. Powerful low frequencies will have hardly any influence on the mid to high frequencies, this will result in a much more vivid sound. The reproduction of low frequencies will be more taut, too.

Dampers under your equipment will bring a significant benefit to your sound. Any piece of equipment has microphonic properties, that is: sensitive to ambient sounds. Music from your loudspeakers will be mixed with the audio signal, which results in a noticeable blurring of the sound. Dampers will isolate the equipment from their surroundings, so this effect is greatly reduced.

  • Cones, spikes, discs , dampers and CD spray
  • Enhanced precision and resolution
  • Creates a live-feeling and improves dynamics
  • Better three dimensional dispersion
  • Ensures the right tonal balance
  • Cones and spikes are height-adjustable
  • Available in a silvery, golden and black finish

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