Vortex HiFi Iraser 4 Sigma The Ultimate Demagnetizer

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  • Demagnetizes, informs and
  • Applications: CD's, LP's, cables, power distributors, all glass objects like tables, windows, mirrors...
  • Ultra strong Neodymium magnet
  • Contains Diamond Technology and (semi)precious stones


The most powerful Iraser ever, already proclaimed the best tweak ever!

External electromagnetic fields cause the formation of certain structures in materials. Audio and video equipment and recording media too pick up this “information” which ultimately degrades perception of video and audio. Vortex Hifi developed so-called Irasers which remove the harmful information and add soundwise beneficial information to the treated object (Iraser stands for “Eraser” with the “I” from “to Inform”).

Even the most basic implementation of this technology, the affordable Iraser 1 A.I.O., is considered one of the best accessories ever by experts. The Iraser 4 Sigma demagnetizes and informs objects following the most recent insights acquired by Vortex Hifi; it is the best and strongest Iraser by far. The result is a highly resolved, spacious and detailled “soundscape”. Listeners report an unprecedented, completely undisturbed musical sensation.

Iraser 4 Sigma’s predecessors come as a wooden stick containing strong magnets. The stick removes disturbances and informs at the same time by moving the magnet slowly over the object. Operation is not restricted to devices and recording media. Connectors, cables, mains sockets, glass surfaces and so on can be treated as well, yielding additional positive effects on the perceived performance of audio and video systems.

Iraser 4 Sigma contains the newest and stongest “information concept” for perceptual optimization ever developed. It includes all former concepts such as the All-in-One (A.I.O.) concept which entails the combined elimination of disturbances and stress. Several technologies use gemstones and even real diamonds. Applying gemstones results in a very clean sound with uncanny layering of the soundstage and excellent retrieval of detail. Inclusion of the new Sigma technologies provides so to speak “a holistic musical experience”.

Using Irasers involves some risk. The following instructions are very important:

- Never apply the Iraser in the neighbourhood of a tweeter or any other loudspeaker driver. The extremely strong magnet will suddenly be attracted to the magnet of the driver causing severe damage!

- Keep the Iraser far away from any magnetic media, like analog open reel tapes, analog cassettes and DAT-tapes.

- Keep the Iraser away from data storage devices and integrated memory chips (mobile phones, USB-stick and so on). The strong magnetic field may erase data.

- Keep the Iraser away from displays and flatscreens.

!!!Usage of the Vortex HiFi Iraser is at your own risk!!!

Ways of using the Vortex HiFi Iraser 4 Sigma:
- CD’s en LP’s: Slowly move over the entire surface once.
- Shorting plugs (e.g. 75 Ohm): Move along the plug.
- Dust caps, plastic or metal: Move along the object.
- Cables (optical too): Move slowly along the cable lengthwise. Also treat the connectors.
- Mains sockets, power supplies and power filters: Move slowly along all surface areas. Also treat the cables.
- Audio racks (metal, synthetics, glass): Wipe over the surfaces.
- Glass surfaces only need treatment of 1/3 of the area, as glass strongly conducts the information. This also holds for windows and mirrors.
- Treat the usual location of a mobile (or DECT) phone immediately!
- All lamps: Walk slowly with the Iraser around the lamp. Also treat the power cord.

Iraser 4 Sigma von Norbert Maurer und Ed Doggen
Kinesiologischer Test Vortex HiFi Iraser 2 PI mit Kabel
Iraser Kinesiologischer Test Glasteller

Review Vortex HiFi Iraser 4 Sigma: Verbeter je audiosysteem, begin bij jezelf door Eric van Spelde @ hifi..nl
"Echt een accessoire die je moet uitproberen voor je het koopt. We achten de kans echter levensgroot dat hij onder geen beding meer teruggaat.."

Der Iraser 4 Sigma; Best Buy? Einer für alles. von Uwe Mehlhaff und Marco Kolks @ hoererlebnis.de (German)
"The soundstage is freer and opener, the sound lively and supple. Subtle nuances are mastered with a same ease as huge dynamic swings."
"The clarity and purity of the rendition of musical instruments, the better organized imaging: impressive."
"The Iraser 4 Sigma should be a standard feature in any high quality audio system."

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

An essential asset. Review by John van Polen
I have used the Vortex Iraser 4 Sigma on approval for a week now; I’ve decided to keep the thing! After treating CD’s with it, the audible improvements clearly are more distinct than I achieved using other such accessories. A more dynamic and cleaner sound in an better organized, somewhat wider soundstage emerges. I treated all cables of my headphones with dedicated amplifier: power cable, interlinks and headphone wire. The obvious effect was a more pleasant sound with better retrieval of fine detail, the latter probably as a result of the lowered noise level. Thereafter, I wiped the Iraser along the 10 meters long power cord connecting the mains cupboard with my high end stereo system. This resulted in livelier, clearer and purer sound, thus emphasizing the sonic character of my new power amplifier. I am not aware of any other accessory inducing these effects and being very widely applicable at the same time. However, because of the very strong magnet, the Iraser should be used with some prudence. If not, some unexpected pranks may occur. For instance, do not try to treat cables behind an equipment rack, because the Iraser might slam against a component. Bearing this in mind, the Vortex Iraser 4 Sigma is a very recommendable investment, if not an essential asset. (Posted on 2/26/2022)

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