Entreq Tungsten AC Wraps

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Quick Overview

  • Lowers the noisefloor of your set
  • Upgrades any power or speaker cable
  • Set contains 2 Wraps
  • Applicable within 1 minute by the use of Velcro
  • Color black
  • Set weight 500 grams
  • Dimensions 15x16.5 cm 


Cable Resonance Damper and EMI/RFI Absorber for all kinds of A/V cables

In every cable that transports a signal or energy a magnetic and electric field is created. This seriously affects your audio- and video reproduction. This negative effect can be reduced by applying a set of Wraps. This results in more tranquillity, stability, depth and dynamics. Regardless if you are using standard cables or the most precious power cords, the effect is very noticeable.

The Wrap contains a variety of different metals and special (mineral)sand.

The AC Wrap is to be wound around your mains plug or around your speaker cable at the output of your amplifier. The effect is best noticed at the first power cord in the chain.

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