Entreq Tungsten Mini Wraps

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Quick Overview

  • Lowers the noisefloor of your set
  • Upgrades any A/V analog (RCA, XLR and subwoofer) or
    digital (SPDIFF, EBU, LAN, USB and HDMI) interlinks
  • Set contains 2 Wraps
  • Applicable within 1 minute by the use of Velcro
  • Color black
  • Weight 60 gram each
  • Dimensions 10x9 cm 


Cable Resonance Damper and EMI/RFI Absorber for all kinds of A/V signal cables

After the overwhelming success of the AC Wraps, introducing a smaller version was almost inevitable. These new Mini Wraps are specially designed for use with analog, digital and video interlinks and headphones cables. Like the AC Wraps, the Mini Wraps come as a pair.

Best results are achieved using a complete set for each channel. However, the effect of one set used for both channels can’t be missed either. According to first impressions from members of our listening panel, the Mini Wraps more of less mimic the AC Wraps in their effects: better dynamics, more precision especially in the low end and a better retrieval of detail. Completely equipped with Mini Wraps, every high quality audio system will make a big step forward.

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