iFi Audio GND Defender

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Quick Overview

  • Optimizes the ground from a device
  • Voltage rating 90 – 240 V
  • Continuous current rating 7 A, peak >10 A
  • Hospital-grade IEC C14 connectors
  • Weight 61 g / 2.2 oz
  • Dimensions 68x37x32 mm / 2.7x1.5x1.3 inch


Ground control to major components

The optimum configuration for each system is one ground/earth for the whole system. If a system has multiple grounds/earths, then it often creates unwanted ground loops. These systems will then have an annoying low-frequency hum (emitted from the speakers).

Current solutions either jeopardise both safety and EMI shielding (e.g. cheater plug), or EMI shielding. The GND Defender is the correct way, intelligently detects a ground loop and will optimize the ground for that component. Ground control to major components.

A Brace of Buzz Busters from iFi - The GND Defender and DC Blocker by Bruce Kinch @ posi+ive-feedback

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