High End Novum TD One Toroidal cover plate

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€ 240,00

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€ 240,00

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  • Adds PMR vibrations to the chassis (and music)
  • Made of a special bronze alloy
  • Diameter 55 or 90 mm / 2.15 or 3,54 inch


All electronic components are microphonic, especially toroidal transformers. This means, sound waves will alter the properties of the parts, where larger parts are affected more by nature. Sound waves may come from the part itself or from outside. Depending on the frequencies of the sound waves, the parts are pushed into their resonance frequency. The electrical signal will be influenced by these vibrations.

Trafohalter(deckel) aus Glockenbronze@audiophil-online.de
Trafohalter TD !, Teil 1@Hoererlebnis magazine
Trafohalter TD !, Teil 2@Hoererlebnis magazine

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