Keces Audio P8 Ultra Low Noise Twin or Single Power Supply

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Excl. TAX: € 660.33 Incl. TAX: € 799.00

Quick Overview

  • Available with 1 or 2 outputs
  • Single version is 8 Amp rated, double version 2 X 4 A
  • USB type A voltage output (5 V @ 1 Amp)
  • Output voltages in different configurations
  • Output voltages available 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 19, 20 and 24 V
  • OLED display shows actual output voltage and output current
  • Over voltage, over current and under voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Discrete output stage electronics
  • Extremely low noise level
  • High quality custom made toroidal transformer
  • No 50 Hz humming or buzz noise
  • 4 mm aluminum housing; fully shielded against EMI/RFI interference
  • Radiation free to prevent polluting other equipment
  • 1 m DC cable(s) with 5.5/2.1 mm connectors and 5.5/2.5 mm adapters
  • AC Input Voltage 110-120 V 60 Hz & 220-240 V 50 Hz (switchable)
  • Power consumption 210 Watts maximum (full load)
  • Weight 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
  • Dimension 300x220x66 mm / 11.8x8.7x2.6 inch


Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supply

A known issue with audio/video gear is the sensibility for the power supply connected. Many devices come with a switch mode power supply as a standard, because it is way cheaper. An astonishing upgrade can be achieved with these devices by swapping the standard power supply for a better one. Musicality will increase noticeably, background will be quiter and dynamics will be enhanced.

The Keces Audio linear power supplies are THE upgrades that combine power, precision and efficiency in a unique way, making it the best choice for any audio/video enthusiast. A very easy way to upgrade your streamer, D/A converter, phono preamp, turntable, settop-box, video processor, media player, headphones amp, electrostatic speakers (Martin Logan) and the like substantially. Even connecting it to your modem, router or network switch will yield a substantial improvement!
Using the Keces P8 power supply, you can power three devices simultaneously, even if they require different voltages, as the P8 is available in many different versions: with two voltages in a different range (current up to 2x 4 Amps), or with one voltage of various values (current up to 8 Amps), in all cases an extra USB output is available, supplying 1 Amp of maximum current. Electronics inside are from an exceptional reliability and have a high efficiency, compared to normal linear power supply designs, so energy waste is kept to a minimum. Stabilisation is done using a discrete design, there's no standard voltage regulator IC.

What you will hear from all of this, is a far more natural reproduction with more power and dynamics that will go hand in hand with an increased quiteness.

Multitest externe 12-volt voedingen door Jaap Veenstra @
“Is the Keces an upgrade? For sure! The improvements are obvious. Much more refinement, openess and tranquility compared to the standard power supply of the Mytek.”

Keces Audio P8 Linear Power Supply - Clean Audio for the people by Venoth Nair @
“Ideally, this power supply unit should be regarded as the backbone to a complete desktop solution, cleaning up the power supply and actively eliminating any unwanted noise or disturbances to the audio signal.”

Test Keces Audio P8 by Dirk Sommer @ HiFi Statement Netmagazine
“To my surprise, the bigger power supply yields a more stable and wider soundstage.”
“For just 700 euro’s, the Keces turns a very competent unit like the Mytek Brooklyn into high-end jewellery; that’s more than I considered possible: an unique experience!”

Keces Audio P8 Linear Power Supply and BP-2400 Balanced Isolation Power Conditioner by Pete Davey @
“Once everything was connected and I was playing back music—all sorts of things came into place. On the sound quality front, a much tighter soundstage, greater focus, dynamics and such.. But even more importantly with the computers involved, reliability and less heat.”

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