Kordz NEO-S3 HDMI Cable Extender

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Quick Overview

  • Actively upgrade your cables to High Speed 4K Ultra-HD compatible cables
  • True Plug'n'Play - Connects in minutes, no setting or tuning required
  • Doubles Data Rate -Upgrades a 1080p/60 limited HDMI cable to 4K UltraHD capable
  • Doubles Cable Length - Typical limit 15-20m (@1080p/60) increases to 30m (@4K)
  • Longer and thinner cables with a shallow mounting depth


Upgrade new or existing cables to 4K Ultra-HD. Comprised of two compact dongles - a transmit and a receive unit - NEO simply connects to both ends of an existing (to 20m) or new (to 30m) long length passive HDMI cable, actively upgrading it to High Speed 4K Ultra-HD compatible. It's hard to give NEO just one description: it's an HDMI extender, a legacy upgrade kit for 4K video, a way to run longer, thinner HDMI cables and a solution for HDMI interoperability issues. NEO overcomes long HDMI cable problems, defeating the deficiencies usually associated with long length HDMI cables, from mounting inflexibility to handshake and bandwidth restrictions. The result of 2-years of extensive R&D with phaseHDTM in Canada to integrate their exclusive patented technology and chipsets with innovative Kordz cable engineering, to deliver world class signal integrity with pure native HDMI connectivity. What makes it unique and immensely powerful is the fact that it's double-ended, encapsulating the long HDMI cable, isolating it both electrically and mechanically from the endpoint devices. NEO dynamically controls ALL of the critical signalling from tip-to-tip, including DC power, low speed and high speed signalling - something that's only possible with a double-ended active approach.

How to use:

  1. Connect the transmitter (Tx) dongle to the source end of the long passive HDMI cable, and insert its integrated HDMI pigtail cable into the source device's HDMI output port.
  2. Connect the receiver (Rx) dongle to the display end of the same cable, and insert its integrated HDMI pigtail cable into the sink/display's HDMI input port.
  3. Finally, connect external power (included) to the Tx dongle. There's no further setup or tuning required. NEO auto-adapts to the long reach link cable and does the rest automatically, upgrading the HDMI cable to 4K UltraHD capable.

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