Harmonix TB-0917 "The Base" Platform Base

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  • Deep wooden color and glossy black metal
  • Weight permission is in the direction of unlimited
  • Priced per piece
  • Weight 164 gram
  • Dimensions Ø 140 X 34 mm


We designed “THE BASE” TB-0917 specifically to use under power amplifiers and speakers. It should be used directly under power amplifiers and speakers as tuning insulators. You immediately begin to enjoy a more natural, dynamic and rich sound that you can only experience at a live performance. Using them together with products such as RF-999M will give further enhancement to your sound.

Harmonix tuning devices are fascinating and dependable products, available only from COMBAK Corporation in Japan. They create perfectly balanced systems and enable music reproduction to be unthinkably involving and lifelike. Power amplifier or speakers placed on “THE BASE” TB-0917 start driving effortlessly better and bring out the potentials of amplifier or speakers the way the designer intended it to be. Transients become crispy, instruments are better delineated, dynamics have more impact, vocals are sweeter. The overall results are pure exquisiteness. Auditioning the sound improvement of a power amplifier and speakers treated with“THE BASE” TB-0917 is what you have dreamed of for years.

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