Farad Super10 Double Regulated Linear Power Supply

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Excl. TAX: € 2,888.43 Incl. TAX: € 3,495.00

Quick Overview

  • World's best high current linear power supply
  • Available in 5, 9, 12, 15, 19 & 24 V
  • Maximum output current 10 A
  • Furutech NCF IEC input, GX16-4 gold plated output connector
  • Synergetic Research Purple Fuse incorporated
  • High inductance, double shielded toroidal power transformer
  • Both transformer and choke potted to eliminate hum
  • Pi-filter supply input with over 85,000 µF electrolytics
  • Ultra high capacitance: 4.5-16.7 Farad, using Super Capacitors
  • Low noise regulator, post filtered with Pi-filter using ultralow ESL caps
  • Gold plated PCB with star ground and star power supply configuration
  • µP-protection against short circuits and over-temperature/current/voltage
  • Unique crowbar protection: impossible to damage your equipment
  • Aluminum housing; fully shielded against EMI/RFI interference
  • Radiation free to prevent polluting other equipment
  • 0.7 m DC power cable with 5.5/2.1 or 5.5/2.5 mm barrel included
  • Weight: 7.6 kg / 16.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 260x70x320 mm / 10.2x2.8x12.6 inch


Ultimate power and unlimited headroom for the best performance

Pure power, refinement, musicality, micro-detail, the right imaging, an almost absent noise floor... there is simply no way back from the Super10. If you are looking for the very best power supply money can buy, you can stop searching as you just found it. Whether used for a NUC board, a switch, an output card, a headphones amp, or a DAC, with its maximum current of 10 Amps, standard fitted with the best components, like a top notch fuse and inlet, the super10 will drive it with ease and grace. The Super10 redefines what a component or set is capable of.

From the fully optimized PCB to the most humble resistor, from the foil output capacitors to the fuse holder, from the active current compensation to the custom wound transformer: all become one in the Super10. All that impressive tech is there with just one goal: to boost performance of your existing gear to unprecedented levels. Just listen how much music your set makes when it is powered with the Super10. That's all that counts...

The Super10 incorporates an active current compensation circuit, which corrects for the voltage drop in the output, PCB traces and the cables of the Super10. This reduces the voltage drop at the load when current needs to be delivered, resulting in a rock steady sound on any load. Said in other words: it's like having true zero Ohms output cables that don't have any resistance at all.

The Super10 has a 230uF foil capacitor output stage, combining MKS and MKP capacitors for optimal operation and ultimate sound quality. Because no electrolytic capacitors are used, ESR is very low and Hf filtering very high. Result is a pitch-black background and ultimate speed delivery of current peaks over the full bandwidth. Very good for analog audio, but especially great for driving digital equipment. Also important to know is that these capacitors don't age over the years like electrolytic caps do. The output impedance of your Super10 will remain constant and very low over the years! To you, this means trouble free operation over a very long time, and a constant, very high sound quality from the gear fed by the Super10.

The Super10 comes standard with a Synergetic Research Purple Fuse. The SR Purple proved to be the designated fuse to fully open up the potential of the Super10. No highlights, no artificials. Nothing more than a wonderful performance across the entire bandwidth, all wrapped in a stage that can only be described as very real.

It didn't take long to decide the world renowned Furutech Rhodium NCF Inlet would be the inlet of choice for the Super10. With its mechanical and electrical stability, low noise floor, detailed sound, and ultra stable image this inlet and Super10 are just natural partners.

All this loving attention to detail, and the optimized combination of all of the components used, resulted in a remarkable power supply, completely tailored for Audio/Video equipment of the highest grade. Technicians have known it for years: "a circuit can only be as good as its power supply". With a "circuit", the entire electronics in your gear is meant. Supplying it with the highest quality power supply makes for a very happy circuit that will perform at its best. You will hear and/or see it instantly the moment you swap your old power supply for the new Super10.

And rest assured that your precious gear is best protected by the Super10. Unlike other power supplies, where an internal defect may very well mean it suddenly puts out double(!) the voltage, the Super10 has an internal protection technicians would call a crowbar circuit that, in the unlikely case your Super10 would fail, automatically shuts down the output immediately, so there's no chance your precious equipment is damaged due to overvoltage.  

You bought new gear with a different voltage than your old gear? No panic! The Super10 has an optimized module and mains transformer for each output voltage. In the Farad workshop they can change both to have the Super10 operating at the voltage your new gear requires. The Super10 truly is a long-term investment that will outlast your current gear.

Output voltage Output capacitance Max. power consumption
5 V 16.7 F 150 W
9 V 10 F 190 W
12 V 8.3 F 220 W
15 V 7.1 F 250 W
19 V 5.6 F 290 W
24 V 4.5 F 350 W

Farad Super10 DC power supply – Super Duper! ✸✸✸✸✸ by Jaap Veenstra @ alpha-audio.net
"Farad puts out an insanely beautiful product with the Super10. The Farad Super10 sounds rich, big and brings a lot of harmony. Add to this the fact that the power supply does not care about mains contamination, there are countless voltages available ánd that it can power practically anything with 10A of current delivery... and then you also have mental peace...!"

Farad Super10 DC voeding – Super Duper! ✸✸✸✸✸ door Jaap Veenstra @ alpha-audio.net
"Farad zet met de Super10 een waanzinnig mooi product neer. De Farad Super10 klinkt rijk, groots en brengt heel veel rust. Tel daar bij op dat de voeding zich niets aantrekt van vervuiling op het lichtnet, er talloze spanningen te krijgen zijn én dat deze praktisch alles wel kan voeden met 10A aan stroomlevering... en dan hebt u ook nog geestelijke rust...!"

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