iFi Audio iPower Elite Power Supply

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Excl. TAX: € 247.11 Incl. TAX: € 299.00

Quick Overview

  • Audio grade SMPS with Active Noise Cancellation2
  • Special circuit design for dead quiet noise floor (1 µV)
  • 25-60 W high performance adaptive multi-mode controller
  • Frequency shuffling technique to achieve excellent EMI performance
  • 400 % increase in power supply capacitance
  • RF designed PCB
  • Cherry-picked components used throughout
  • Full unibody aircraft aluminium chassis with heatsink built-in
  • Available in 5 V/5 A, 12 V/4 A, 15 V/3.5 A and 24 V/2.5 A
  • Fixed shielded DC cable wit barrel plug 5.5/2.1 mm
  • Supplied with barrel reverse polarity adapter (2.1->2.5 mm), 2.1->2.5 mm adapter plus USB mini & USB micro adapter cables
  • Weight 550 g / 1.2 Ibs
  • Dimensions 148x55x50 mm / 5.8x2.2x1.3 Inch


Quiet as a battery, but with none of the hassle

The iPower Elite is the  superlative degree among the praised upgrade power supplies from iFi Audio. This one replaces your standard power supply. With an iFi Audio upgrade power supply, you will hear less noise and hum, together with improved dynamics, more taut bass control, improved quitness and a more open sound. Standard adapters supplied with your gear were designed to just let it operate without faults. This, however, doesn't guarantee an optimum operation! If you want to extract the best performance possible, the iFi Elite power supply is the way to go.

Expensive equipment are typically supplied with a cheap, generic SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply). This is like putting cheap fuel in a Ferrari. It deserves the best but isn’t getting it. The generic modern SMPS is very noisy. Many upgraded audiophile linear PS are better, but still have huge noise at the rectification frequencies and at multiples of 100 Hz, 150 Hz (or 120, 180 for 60 Hz countries) etc. The iPower Elite was designed to deliver the ultimate silent power. It gives your streamer, DAC, switch, modem or amplifier all the silent, clean power like a battery with none of the hassle.

As a comparison, a typical SMPS has a noise floor of at least 1,000 µV while a good quality, audio grade linear power supply still has around 100 µV. The iPower Elite has less than 1 µV!

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