iFi Audio Mercury USB Cable

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Excl. TAX: € 98.35 Incl. TAX: € 119.00
Excl. TAX: € 98.35 Incl. TAX: € 119.00

Quick Overview

  • Single wire construction
  • Superb aluminum connectors, incredible shielding
  • Custom-designed RF shielding
  • Adjustable middle silencer serves tunable function
  • Available in 0.5 and 1 m


Single but very good USB Cable

The iFi Mercury isn't your common USB cable. One look at the stellar design reveals it features three custom-made metal oxide ceramic RG noise filters for the ultimate in clarity and quiet. And while these triple RF silencers provide the widest possible filter range without affecting the USB signal, the cable's FINAL USB machined connectors provide stellar end-to-end shielding. Solidly built and smartly crafted, Mercury is also a price-to-performance overachiever.

The Sound of Silence
Outfitted with three custom-made metal oxide ceramic RF noise silencers that cover different effective ranges, Mercury addresses RF issues that most other cables ignore. Not only does Mercury broaden the range over which RF noise is suppressed, its middle silencer is adjustable in order to "detune" the antennae formed by the cable depending on the system conditions and requirements. None of the wide-range RF silencers affect the USB signal.

FINAL USB Connectors Provide Remarkable Shielding
While the fact that signals run through both the cable and the connector is common knowledge, a majority of USB cables cheap out on the connector by using molded plastic covers. But since plastic cannot shield the high frequencies in the USB data link, noise radiates out and sound is compromised. Durability also becomes a troublesome issue. iFi eradicates any such problems by using FINAL USB connectors that afford superior end-to-end shielding. Machined entirely from solid aluminum and with gold plated contacts, they are the new standard in connectors.

Pair With the iFi iUSBPower and iPurifier for the Ultimate in USB Quality
Mercury attains peak performance when paired with the iFi iUSBPower power supply and iPurifier, forming a combination that delivers the ultimate in USB audio sound quality. That three compact, budget-priced audio devices can produce such divine results is almost unthinkable. But as iFi proves time and again, anything is possible.

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