Network Acoustics ENO Ethernet Filter

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Excl. TAX: € 739.67 Incl. TAX: € 895.00

Quick Overview

  • Inline passive ethernet filter to improve your audio/video streaming quality
  • RJ45 entry
  • 35 cm Long CAT 7 Ethernet cable with high quality Telegärtner RJ45 connector
  • Internal wired entirely using 99.999% purity UPOCC conductors
  • RFI/EMI filter
  • Hand assembled and individually tested in the UK
  • Material enclosure ABS
  • Weight 245 g
  • Dimensions 120x94x32 mm


Bring your streaming music & film to life

Streamed music can sound better than records or CDs, but only by eliminating the unwanted interference that is transmitted into our sensitive audio systems via Ethernet, USB, and other digital connections.

Network Acoustic’s Ethernet filters and digital cables are designed exclusively for high quality audio reproduction. These products have no effect on the data flow, the zeros and ones remain unchanged, instead they remove interference, allowing the receiving circuitry in your device to perform to its full potential.

A unique (patent pending) passive filtering system which plugs in between your network switch or router, and your streaming device. ENO filters out electrical noise, which would otherwise be delivered via the Ethernet cable into your sensitive audio equipment, without affecting the crucial data stream.  ENO Filters do not modify the data stream in any way as they are purely passive devices.

It effectively removes RFI/ EMI noise, delivering a clean ethernet data stream into your streaming device. The results are nothing short of stunning: a greater sense of air space and dynamism, low level details previously hidden can now be clearly heard and all traces of digital harshness are gone. Music sounds real, natural and simply more exciting than before.

ENO Ethernet Filters are designed for audio purists who want the very best possible performance from their music streamer. The soundstage takes on a truly 3D nature, tone and timbre sound smooth and natural, and every detail in the recording is clearly defined within a laser etched stereo image. An ENO Ethernet Filter will bring a sense of realism to any streaming based system that we don’t think you will have heard before.

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