Synergistic Research Foundation SX Ethernet / LAN Cable

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Excl. TAX: € 409.09 Incl. TAX: € 495.00

Quick Overview

Demo cables available!

  • UEF matrix shield with graphene
  • Solid polyethylene dielectric
  • Amazing level of musicality
  • High resolution and lifelike soundstaging
  • Unheard of level of emotion
  • Dramatic reduction of the perceived noise floor
  • Already broken in for the greater part
  • Available in black and white
  • Standard length 1 m, also available in 2, 3 and 5 m


More than 1’s and 0’s

Foundation SX Ethernet borrows core technology from other Foundation Series cables plus newly developed technologies first developed for the flagship Galileo SX Active Ground Block and HDSX Ground Cables.

From the Galileo Ground Block, the same UEF compound was adapted for a lower noise floor with increased holographic realism compared to other Foundation Series cables. Then, apply the same 3-Stage High Voltage Process first developed for our new HDSX Ground Cables was adapted to increase resolution and musicality, two traits that are often exclusive where you can have one at the expense of the other.

Audition Foundation Ethernet cables in your system risk-free and discover first hand the dramatic benefit of a perfectly voiced digital cable guaranteed to improve all aspects of your system’s performance or your money back.

Included free Carbon Tuning Discs
Tune to perfection

For a custom match to your system, they’ve included two Carbon Tuning Discs (€ 125 value). One Gold for warmth and liquidity without loss of detail and one Purple disc for extension and air in the most holographic sound envelope possible. Or go straight without a Carbon Tuning Disc; the choice is yours!

Foundation SX Ethernet Cable Review @ The Absolute Sound
"The Foundation SX is a really fine cable and makes a huge improvement in my system and I am gonna keep it, I gonna buy it, and I gonna use it as a part of my system. I don’t want to go back to the generic stuff ones you heard the better sound it’s very hard to go back if you are somebody who is striving to get the best possible sound."

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