Synergistic Research Atmosphere SX L3 Euphoria Interconnects

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Excl. TAX: € 4,128.10 Incl. TAX: € 4,995.00

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  • 2 Each Tricon 4th gen Silver monocrystal conductors
  • Separate ground conductor from shield
  • 4 Each 99,9999 % monocrystal Silver Air Strings
  • Individual EXP isolated cable geometries
  • Atmosphere level 4 UEF Matrix shielding with Graphene
  • 1 Termination for Atmosphere SX tuning module
  • UEF ground plane termination
  • Quantum tunneled with 1 miliion Volts
  • 5 Day / 2 stage burn-in process


Euphoria SX RCA interconnects start with two 5th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometries running in parallel. Then, four Air String geometries featuring pure 6-9’s, silver conductors, in an Air Dialectric were added, hand-made in our California factory. Finally, for XLR, eight Air String geometries for a precise, balanced interconnect with twice the Air Strings of Excite SX were used.

The same High-Frequency Long Duration Conditioning Process originally developed for the state-of-the-art SRX cable loom was applied. The same conditioning process that makes these Purple Fuses the world’s highest performance and surpassing fuses costing several thousands of dollars. To lower your system’s noise floor and to improve cable shield performance, Euphoria SX is engineered to divert noise picked up on the cable’s shield to a house-ground with the included wall connector. To lower your system’s noise floor further, connect Euphoria SX cable shields to a Synergistic Research Ground Block or Active Ground Block. Each Pair of Euphoria Interconnects are actually 2 separate runs of Tricon 4th Gen cables in RCA -or- 4 separate runs of Tricon 4th Gen cables in XLR plus 4 silver monofiliament conductors in air sealed dielectric (RCA) -or- 8 silver monofiliament conductors in air sealed dielectric (XLR) plus one UEF Level 3 OTSP 3-channel filter for ground, signal and shield for RCA or XLR interconnects.

Exclusively developed for Atmosphere SX are small Carbon Fibre UEF Tuning Discs placed along strategic points on the cable’s shield and inside connectors to lower the floor and increase resolution without harshness. Lastly, these are the most versatile and highest performance interconnects in the lineup, with two Galileo SX Tuning Bullets that allow you to alter the balance of the cables from warm and liquid to detailed and dynamic. When voicing Euphoria SX to your system, compare both the Gold and Silver Galileo bullets on a component-by-component basis and pick the option that sounds best. User Tip: very few systems, if any, benefits from all one color or another. In fact, most systems will sound best with a majority of either Gold or Silver bullets, but with a component or two that perform best with the opposite color. Gallio SX Gold Tuning Bullets capture warmer sound with liquidity over pin point spatial detail. Galileo SX Silver Tuning Bullets are detailed and dynamic with a pinpoint focus at the expense of liquidity. Tuning individual cables with UEF Bullets achieves the best sound characteristics of both Gold and Silver with a bespoke balance unique to your system.

After perfecting the most natural-sounding and holographic cables in SR history, they were taken further with a new high voltage conditioning process that applies a sweeping frequency plot for an extended duration. Experiments with dozens of frequencies in different combinations over a prolonged period of time were carried out before landing on just the right mix. A new Tesla Coil was built to handle the excess heat generated during long conditioning sessions. Once finalized, the SRX conditioning process created holographic realism and timbrel accuracy far beyond the previous Tesla Coil conditioning protocol. 

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