Synergistic Research Galileo SX Phono Interconnects

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  • UEF Matrix Shield with Graphene
  • Stae-of-the-Art SR20 RCA's and XLR's
  • UEF Ground Plane termination (mini Banana)
  • Gold and Silver Tuning Bullets
  • Optional color white with chrome caps (limited edition)
  • Standard length 1 m / 3 ft
    other lengths available on request


The refinement of perfection

Galileo SX Phono is the most complex phono cable Synergistic Research ever attempted. With 4 x Air Strings RCA and an incredible 6 x Air Strings XLR and Graphene - a near superconductor at room temperature - Silver and Gold UEF Filters voiced expressly for Galileo Phono cables that work outside the signal path allowing you to switch between a warm and detailed balance, state-of-the-art silver SR20 RCA’s and XLR’s, High Definition Ground Leads that ground shields and noise direct to ground- not your system, 2 x UEF EM Cells made from precious metals, graphene, and UEF Tech with a silk dielectric, and Pure Six Nines Silver in an Air Dielectric, you hear every nuance from your treasured vinyl with breathtaking clarity and musicality.

Compared to Atmosphere UEF music flows with greater ease in a more holographic soundscape. And thanks to the same UEF Technology that makes SR BLUE fuses so musical, you’ll rediscover your music collection with an unparalleled realism that elevates even your less than audiophile grade pressings.  

Note: Galileo UEF Phono is actually the first cable to use the new Galileo SX technology.  If you have a Galileo UEF phono, it is built identically to the new Galileo SX phono sans the newly redeveloped Galileo SX Tuning modules.

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