Synergistic Research Atmosphere SX L3 Euphoria Speaker Cables

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Excl. TAX: € 6,194.21 Incl. TAX: € 7,495.00

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  • 4 Each High Current Silver/Copper Matrix
  • 4 Each Tricon 5th generation
  • 4 Each 99,9999 % pure monocrystal Silver Air String
  • 2 Each UEF Cell with Graphene / Silver ribbon
  • 2 Each Galileo SX Gold Tuning Module: warmth
  • 2 Each Galileo SX Silver Tuning Module: detail
  • SR BoFa bananas en SR Silver spade connectors
  • Standard length 2.4 m / 8 feet,
    all other lenghts available on request


EUPHORIA speaker cables start with the most advanced Level 3 UEF Matrix Shielding SR makes today, for musicality and the patented SR Ground Plane technology first developed for PowerCell line conditioners and later adapted for cable applications in the Galileo UEF Series Cables and the Limited Edition SR25 power cord to deliver a lower noise floor with amazing holographic scale.

Its geometry is a closely scaled down version of the flagship Galileo UEF speaker cables making it the most complex in the Atmosphere X lineup with 4 x 2nd Gen- High Current Silver Matrix Geometries, 4 x 4th Gen-Tricon Geometries, 4 x 99.999% Pure Silver Air String geometries hand made in their California factory. EUPHORIA builds on EXCITE’s system matching versatility with the addition of a BLUE UEF Filter for more detailed sound with air, to the RED UEF Filter’s warmth and liquidity. Simply listen to EUPHORIA speaker cables in your system with the RED and then with the BLUE filter selecting the option that creates music in your system.

Lastly each of EUPHORIA’s 12 separate geometries is isolated from mechanical resonance and vibrational feedback to greatly enhance clarity and cohesion in the sound field. As with all Atmosphere X cables, EUPHORIA is conditioned with a new process to enhance out of the box musicality with increased lifetime performance along with UEF resonator technology both of which were first developed for the remarkable BLUE fuses. And of course EUPHORIA is zapped on the 1,000,000 volt Tesla Coil for enhanced holographic realism and clarity by enhancing signal transfer at the molecular level.

After perfecting the most natural-sounding and holographic cables in SR history, they were taken further with a new high voltage conditioning process that applies a sweeping frequency plot for an extended duration. Experiments with dozens of frequencies in different combinations over a prolonged period of time were carried out before landing on just the right mix. A new Tesla Coil was built to handle the excess heat generated during long conditioning sessions. Once finalized, the SRX conditioning process created holographic realism and timbrel accuracy far beyond the previous Tesla Coil conditioning protocol. 

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