Synergistic Research Galileo Discovery Speaker Cables

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Excl. TAX: € 14,871.90 Incl. TAX: € 17,995.00

Quick Overview

  • 9 parallel geometries of selected materials
  • Includes UEF Cell
  • 2 each Silver & Gold SRX Tuning modules included
  • New UEF Graphene Matrix Shielding
  • Separate ground plane wire
  • For optimal performance, use in conjunction with SR (Active) Ground Block
  • SRX Quantum Tunneling with 1 million Volts
  • Hand build time 10 hours in California
  • Standard length 2.4 m / 8 ft


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Galileo Discovery is the most evolved speaker cable by Synergistic Research with one of the most complex cable geometries, perfected over 22 years and made by hand in our California factory from (4) High Current Silver Matrix geometries, (1) 4th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometry, (3) Hand Made Pure Silver / Graphene AirString Geometries and (1) Hand Made Pure Tungsten AirString geometry. All nine parallel geometries utilize our new UEF Graphene Matrix Shielding with a new UEF Graphene Compound first developed for the amazing SR Purple Fuses. To enhance clarity, all geometries and conductors are separated to cancel cable resonance for a clear, effortless sound with natural decay and timbre. During the voicing process,  a tungsten conductor was added in a hand-made AirString geometry for the unique sound staging properties of tungsten as determined during a 6-month double-blind listening tests to find alternate conductors with remarkable properties.

For the clarity, speed, and holographic realism of the flagship SRX cable loom, SRX’s UEF Graphene Compound was applied to Galileo Discovery’s UEF Inductive Cell located in a carbon fiber tube and made from Pure Silver Foils and Graphene with a dielectric of pure Japanese Silk, chosen for its warmth, sonic layering, and musicality over traditional dielectric materials discovered during double-blind listening tests.

To voice Galileo Discovery to your system, select between two bespoke UEF Tuning Modules first developed for the flagship SRX cable loom. The Silver SRX Tuning Module has a highly resolved balance that is pinpoint in its imaging and dynamic in presentation while possessing musicality absent in the previous Galileo Silver Tuning Module. The Gold SRX Tuning Module imparts a warmer frequency presentation with liquidity and envelopment without sacrificing detail. It merely presents differently, with slightly rounded image points, as opposed to the Silver SRX’s sharper and more immediate focus. A third option is not to attach either UEF Tuning Module, and the choice is yours to make based on the option that sounds best in your system.

To improve shield effectivness you can star ground strategic Galileo Discovery cable shields to either an included ground option or for higher performance ground Galileo Discovery shields to an optional Galileo Active Ground Block.

Finally, to lower the noise floor, expand the soundstage, and increase detail and dynamics, a brand new Long Duration, High Voltage, Multi-Frequency conditioning process first developed for our SRX cable loom and new Purple fuses was applied. The net result is the most detailed, dynamic, holographic and musical Galileo loom to date.

SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules

Redefining Refinement

To voice Galileo Discovery power cords to your system, it is recommended to allow the cable loom to settle for at least 72 hours without tuning circuits before voicing each power cord separately. Then, start as high up the signal chain as possible, listening to your two tuning options and selecting the variant that makes music, before voicing the next Galileo Discovery cable down the line. And when voicing with Galileo Discovery interconnects and speaker cables, start with a Silver UEF circuit on your speaker cables without comparing Gold to Silver options. Next, compare Gold to Silver on the interconnect pair as high up the signal chain as possible and select the option that sounds best to you. Now, voice each interconnect option Gold vs. Silver down the line until you arrive at your speaker cables. You will then compare the existing Silver circuit to the Gold UEF Tuning Circuit to arrive at a bespoke match perfect for your system. Lastly, voice your power cords Gold vs. Silver one at a time until all power cords have been voiced. As a rule, you will find one color, Gold or Silver, to sound best in most applications but with a few exceptions where the opposite color is your best fit. In this way, you achieve a custom balance perfect for your system. And should your system change in the future, you can reassess your voicing options to create the ideal match for new speakers and components without reconsidering your cable loom.

Galileo Discovery IFT Jumpers

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