Acoustic Revive RLI-1GB-tripleC Network isolator

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Quick Overview

  • Eliminates noise on network cables
  • Also applicable to inputs on routers, hubs etc.
  • Elaborate audiophile construction
  • Improves signal to noise ratio
  • Minimizes distortion
  • PC-TripleC conductors
  • High speed corresponding to a gigabit
  • Weight 40 g
  • Dimensions 47x21x21 mm, total length 164 mm


Isolates your A/V network circuits

The quality of streaming audio/video is significantly deteriorated by the noise generated by network players, HUB, NAS, etc. which goes back and forth through LAN cables. The RLI-1GB-tripleC eliminates noise in LAN cables, improves S/N ratio and minimizes distortion which results in a dramatic improvement in sound quality of streaming audio.

It is composed of an isolation transformer and a choke to eliminate common mode noise. The suppression is far superior, especially in high frequencies, compared to a medical LAN isolator (which is based on an isolation transformer only). Your sound becomes natural with a smooth tone color and texture expression energetic and realized quality full of lively dynamism.

By designing the RLI-1GB-tripleC for audiophile applications, there are no side effects like the feeling you lost energy, which can’t be said when using a medical LAN isolator. Because of this design strategy, the effect increases when more units are used, without introducing any negative side effects. The RLI-1GB-tripleC also has a significant impact on reducing the influence of noise when used in combination with LAN inputs from a router, hub etc.

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