Acoustic Revive RLT-1 LAN terminator

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Quick Overview

  • Prevents the intrusion of external noise 
  • Improvement in sound quality via vibration control 
  • Leads to stable operation of the router or hub, dramatically improves the S/N ratio 
  • Improves the quality of the router or hub, improves the sound quality even more


In addition to the significant noise being introduced by network equipment and their power supplies, large amounts of additional noise is introduced via the vacant LAN ports which dramatically increases the problem. By using the RLT-1 in a vacant LAN port, its operation is stopped. Therefore, all unwanted noise pollution and the amplification of this noise is also eliminated. This results in an improvement in sound quality by reducing distortion and increasing the signal to noise ratio.

As network equipment housings are less robust than most audio equipment, they are affected even more by vibrations from loudspeakers, resulting in serious degradation of sound quality. RLT-1 is made from of a solid and hard case of 2017S aircraft grade aluminum alloy (duralumin) and has built-in natural quartz resonators at two places in the body to enable very effective vibration control. By using the RLT-1 with network equipment, its un-sturdy housing is reinforced and it results in the improvement of sound quality by eliminating the blurred sound image and improving energy and density, etc.

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