Acoustic Revive RTS-30 premium slipmate

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  • Silicon base filled up with minerals, ores, tourmaline and Guiyang stone
  • Weight 355 gram
  • Dimensions Ø287 mm, h=5 mm


Acoustic Revive has introduced the RTS-30 mat for purist vinyl record players. The basis of this special audiophile accessory is a unique material, which includes minerals and ores, including tourmaline and Guiyang stone. The base is made of silicone.

According to the manufacturer, its slipmate is distinguished by “unsurpassed” performance: high damping properties, the ability to remove all vibrations from the motor of the player itself and other devices, as well as the ability to prevent the appearance of static electricity (this was achieved due to negatively charged ions formed by ore).

Acoustic Revive ensures that the RTS-30 mat will make your sound cleaner, smoother, more pronounced and deeper in terms of imagery and scene. They also noted that its unique mat has the ability to upgrade your turntable without changing the cartridge.

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