Acoustic Revive SIP-8Q input shorting RCA plugs set of 8 pieces

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Quick Overview

  • Shorting input RCA plug
  • Prevents unwanted signals from entering the input
  • Stops oxidizing and dirt on the RCA inputs
  • Dust ingress will be less
  • Made from gold plated brass & Dural
  • Reduces vibrations


Short circuits used the right way

Vacant digital and analog input terminals are the origins of unwanted noise. This noise enters the equipment through the input terminals (they act like an antenna) and deteriorate the sound considerably. By employing these input terminal short-circuits, it prevents noise from entering the equipment, and furthermore, it makes the operation of the circuit more stable, resulting in a global improvement in the sound. For outputs, please use the non-shorting IP-2Q.

In addition, the circuit board for terminals tend to be very thin and easily influenced by vibration. By using high specific gravity and hard material for the short pin, it reinforces terminals and protects from vibration.

Employment of materials and processing technology superior in vibration control effect. SIP-8Q is made of non-magnetic gold plated brass and 2017 Dural. This structure has the effect of reinforcing the terminal strength and creates superior vibration control. Furthermore, a rigid connection by this highly precise process improves the vibration control effect. The included QR-8(Quartz resonator) will further improve the vibration control performance.

Not only material, SIP-8Q has used direct gilding on plating to achieve a complete non-magnetic body structure. Via this structure, the factor of sound deterioration by magnetic distortion has been completely eliminated.

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