High End Novum Speaker Spike + Disc

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€ 100,00
€ 100,00

Korte beschrijving

  • Made of a special bronze alloy
  • Each spike and disc is individually and exclusively hand crafted in Germany
  • Designed to guarantee a genuine reproduction of sound and music
  • Color natural bronze
  • Universal M8 thread
  • Height 45 mm


The Art of Sound

Hand-cast, milled and polished bell bronze loudspeaker spikes. These speaker spikes are made of the same bell bronze as the PMR MKII and Initium. They assist not only the isolation of the speakers from resonant or inconsistent surfaces but also consistency of voicing within a system enhanced by the effects of the PMR. After installing of these spikes you will notice an improved bass responce, more natural voices and clearer high frequencies.

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