High Fidelity Cables MC-1 Helix Plus Wave Guide Magnetic Shunt Conditioner

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€ 2.699,00

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€ 2.699,00

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  • Improves the mains quality using magnetism and capacitors
  • Absolute breakthrough in A/V technology
  • Shunt filter, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Improvements in every realm of listening
  • Can be combined without any problem with all other audio mains related products
  • Multi patented technology to lower your noise floor
  • Applicable to 230 V as well as 115 V systems
  • Only available as a US version
    Order a KE-convert cable for use inside the EU
  • Weight 1.4 kg / 3 lbs
  • Dimensions 51x135x97 mm / 2x5.3x3.8 Inch


Bringing the power of the already popular MC-1 into a whole new dimension.

The MC-1 Helix Plus uses Magnetic Conduction in a different way from other High Fidelity Cables products. Borrowing from Pro Elite Power Conditioner and using aspects of the newly patented capacitor design, we couple the power of traditional capacitor filtering with our most powerful magnetic wave guides.

The capacitor itself is too small to filter AC on its own, however coupled with the magnetic wave guides it acts to both center electrons within the wave guide as well as draw some energy into and through the wave guide. This makes for a level of magnetic filtering unique to this device.

The Helix Plus adds to MC-1 Pro High Fidelity Cables' Helix technology. Helix offers a more concentrated stream of electrons by utilizing a more concentrated point in the magnetic field. Electrons concentrate into a magnetic field following the pathway of the magnetic lines of flux. Both the power and audio signals are made from electromagnetism. This means that there is a magnetic element to the flow of electrons. This magnetic element is why electrons can be concentrated and even steered to a particular shape and concentration. The same basic technology to concentrate and steer electrons is used in electron microscopes: To concentrate the beam of electrons a magnet is placed within the microscope. This magnet aligns and concentrates the electrons for a focused view.

In High Fidelity Cables products, the alignment of electrons is just as important as the overall magnetic power. Through having a more precise concentration of electrons the audio signal becomes clearer and cleaner. The benefit of Helix+ design is not a subtle one. It shows that the focus of electrons is critical to having clean power. A serious upgrade for a serious system and audiophile. This unit can also be used with traditional power supply devices like regenerators, isolation transformers, and capacitive-based power conditioners of any type. Whether you are using it as your first magnetic power conditioner or pairing it with MC-0.5 or the MC-1 Pro, the Helix+ delivers more of what you love about these power conditioners.

Sonically, Helix+ brings a more focused soundstage, and improved imaging with better speed and attack. It is cleaner, clearer, and brings your recording closer to the sound of live instruments. The + adds a new element of contact enhancement. Within each unit a proprietary contact enhancer is used to ensure the electric force is guided with better overall conductivity. This further helps the Helix+ to be set apart from the already proven power of the MC-1 Pro.

For those who understand the importance of clean, quality power the MC-1 Pro Series Helix+ is a must-have. High Fidelity Cables products are the only products that effectively control the actual electrons to deliver you clean and clear power. Hear the future of high-end audio. for whole home audio and whole home audio systems.      

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