Maxii Energii MAXiiMUS M100

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  • Three phase or single phase serial unit
  • Raises efficiency of electricity
  • Optimises natural energy in homes and buildings
  • Harmonises low frequeny and high frequency elektrosmog
  • Repolarises underground water lines and other geopathic disturbances
  • Very long service life, doesn't need any maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly - Zero power consumption
  • Size of energy field created: approximately 45 m / 148 ft.
  • Maximum current 3 X 100 A
  • Color white (RAL 9016)
  • Weight 22 kg / 48 lbs.
  • Sizes 50x15.5x60 cm / 19,7x6.1x23.6"


Maximization of natural energy

The MAXiiMUS derives its energy from the permanent flow of electrons from nature. This flow of electrons is caused by the difference in potential between the ionosphere and the earth. The strong Tachyon field in the accumulators inside the MAXiiMUS act as an antenna which derives electrons from this potential difference and injects them directly into the circuit. This process enhances the efficiency of the electricity, which in turn leads to less power consumption.

So the MAXiiMUS improves the efficiency of your electricity. Due to this, your audio/video equipment will sound much better, shortly after it was switched on. Dynamics, attack and resolution will improve significantly.

The M100 is meant to be installed in the meter cupboard, in series with your house electricity circuit. Although the P40 range of 35 m seems to be more than adequate for the average home, the M100 works much better for audio purposes.

In addition to the standard version, two plug and play versions are available, meant for use with your audio/video set. Equipped with a Furutech IEC inlet and outlet. Available in gold plated as well as rhodium version.

Upon request we can supply larger MAXiiMUS, up to 3x1250 Amps for industrial purposes, hotels and restaurants, cattle breeding, horticulture etc. Contact us for a quotation.


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