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Quick Overview

  • Small version of the Tranquility Carbon Base
  • Can be placed under or on top of your A/V equipment
  • Field Generator consisting of an EM Cell, UEF Tech and graphene
  • Counteracts electromagnetic fields inside your components
  • Hand-built in the California SR factory
  • Dimensions 15x15x2.5 cm / 6x6x1 inch


Condition signal from within

Synergistic Research new Active Tranquility PODs condition signal while it’s still in your system, just like full-sized Tranquility Base but in a smaller and more flexible platform. Tranquility PODs are based on the same Active EM Cell technology that powers our PowerCell line conditioners. But instead of conditioning AC electromagnetic fields, Tranquility PODs interact with the EM fields inside your components for more of what everyone loves about PowerCell line conditioners.

To use, place a single Tranquility POD under or on top of each component you wish to affect and let the Tranquility POD’s internal Electromagnetic Cell and ground plane technology interact with your component’s EM fields for a dramatic improvement in musical performance.

Subjectively this translates into increased dynamic headroom with a lower noise floor, so you experience a true-to-life soundstage, improved bass extension and control, and cleaner and more extended high frequencies, all without a hint of glare or brightness.

Even if you have made a significant investment in racks and isolation, or you can’t fit large platforms in your home, or perhaps you want a dramatic system upgrade, Tranquility PODs will deliver, guaranteed. So contact your SR dealer and find out just how amazing your system can sound. Available for in-home audition risk-free through participating Synergistic Research dealers and distributors.

Tranquility POD is a field generator, hand-built in the California Synergistic Research factory, consisting of an Active EM Cell with UEF Tech and graphene. It works by conditioning signal through inductive coupling when the POD is placed under or on top of A/V components to cancel distortion. This translates into clearer sound with a lower perceived noise floor.

Tranquility PODs also include a ground plane to reduce ground noise revealing information and spacial cues you’ve been missing. Simply place Tranquility PODs on top of or beneath the components you wish to transform. During your in-home audition period you may want to experiment with different placements on top of or beneath a component and listen for the option that takes your system to the next level.

Tranquility POD + MiG Isolation footers; a match made in heaven

Tranquility to 11?!
Ground your Tranquility POD(s) with a Synergistic Research Ground Block or Active Ground Block for higher performance still.

Synergistic Research Tranquility Pod

The 17th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2020
"Given its relatively modest price and the apparent positive difference it makes to the quality of sound reproduction, I would have to say that the Tranquility Base is highly recommended for any audiophile looking for a no-fuss, highly effective tweak."

Synergistic Research Tranquility Pod by Malcolm J. Gomes @ posi+ive feedback
"The bass extension is hard to miss. Also, I could detect more air and a distinctively cleaner presentation. The music flows with greater ease and effortlessness resulting in a lot less listener fatigue."

World Premiere Review! Synergistic Research Tweakfest by Rick Becker @
"The music simply became so much more compelling. Whether it does for you, or not, will depend on your gear, the surface it sits on, and the amount of pleasure you get from listening to music. $995 is a lot of money, granted, but it is also a lot less than you can spend to upgrade a major component — and still miss out on the air and holographic imaging offered by this Synergistic footers."

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