Telos Audio Quantum Magnetic Tuning CD demagnetizer

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Quick Overview

  • Best CD/SACD/DVD/BD demagnetizer ever
  • Ultrawide 0-100 kHz bandwidth
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Firmware upgradeable by micro USB connection
  • Battery powered to prevent mains pollution
  • Rechargeable high capacity battery incorporated
  • A single charge lasts months of normal use
  • Small size, classy Telos design
  • Weight 1.15 kg
  • Dimensions 21.5x18x2 cm


Worlds best CD demagnetizer!

A familiar product with a breakthrough approach
Made for true audio and video lovers, the all new magnetic harmonizer for CD/SACD/DVD/Blu-ray is finally available. The Telos product team has painstakingly designed the Quantum Magnetic Tuning (QMT) device for the musical refinement and pristine background noise that you strive for while you are listening to your favorite music. They have made a huge technical leap by combining the Quantum Burn-in Technology’s (QBT) ultra-wide bandwidth run-in signal with the Quantum Acoustics Diffusor’s (QAD) alpha-wave generation technology. From conceptual inception to physical design, the product team has succeeded in emitting the 0 - 100 kHz ultra-wide bandwidth QBT signal through the antenna specially designed for QAD. Even though the approach this time around differs greatly from our previous Quantum products, we are sure that upon first use, it would not be hard for anyone to discover the versatility and ease-of-use of the new QMT device. With the new QMT device, any detrimental magnetism can easily be harmonized into more even and higher range magnetic fields. The possibilities in using the QMT device to improve the sound are almost endless. Music media, headphones, earphones and cables can easily be harmonized using the QMT device. Your imagination is the only limit.

Ultrawide 0-100 kHz bandwidth, the widest range available in any demagnetizer
Unlike any traditional demagnetizing device, which uses a fixed 60 Hz degaussing frequency, the QMT device uses a frequency range as large as SACD is capable of reproducing. The improvements have to be heard to be believed. Furthermore, the QMT device is programmable, making it simple to use. You can choose the duration by simply pressing a button on the QMT device.

Wireless operation, versatile and convenient
The specially made lithium-ion battery has got a capacity of 18.5 Wh. The QMT device is capable of emitting 800 cycles of ultra-wide bandwidth harmonizing signal, 10 seconds for each cycle with just a single charge. It is equipped with a high-precision charging system and indicator light, giving you hassle free operations up to months.

The control button is also strategically positioned to give you the smoothest operation and tactile feedback.There is a 4-bit CPU installed in the QMT device and is firmware upgradeable. The firmware allows you to customize the operation at the touch of a button. Let’s endow your beloved music media with our 0 - 100 kHz ultra-wide bandwidth harmonizing signal to bring you the best sound reproduction. You can surely find more musical enjoyment from the extensive range of Quantum products. Make full use of the QMT device, unleash your creativity and reach a new level of audio realism. QMT lets you get creative and explore new possibilities on its application to your media collection.

Instruction manual

Telos Audio Design by John van Polen @ (Dutch only...)

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