Kemp Elektroniks POWER STATION 75 Front-end AC regenerator

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Excl. TAX: € 1,235.54 Incl. TAX: € 1,495.00

Quick Overview

  • Regenerator; absolute clean output power, regardless the input
  • Fully analog power design, giving superb sound
  • True balanced power output
  • Compact design
  • Frequency adjustable from 50 Hz to 110 Hz
  • Crest Factor adjustability, enhancing power supply capabilities
  • No output transformer, meaning far less distortion and current limiting
  • DC-offset control circuitry, giving optimum base for well-performing transformers
  • Up to 75 Watts of pure, undistorted output power
  • Supplied with 1 m (3 ft.) KE-HI POWER CORD
  • Bypass-switch, enabling equipment to be powered continuously
  • Weight 4 kgs (9 lbs.)
  • Dimensions 125x135x230 mm / 5x5,5x9 inch


The ultimate solution to supply your front end equipment with clean power

Finally, after thousands of hours of research and development, the POWER STATION is available! What it all started, was our wish to improve the performance of our reference; POWER SOURCE. Of all three problems, the POWER SOURCE can solve two of them perfectly, it can filter DC-voltages as well as high frequency distortion from your mains. However, the third problem, distortion of the sine wave itself, cannot be solved using a passive circuit. No line conditioner or isolation transformer can do that. The mains is loaded at its peaks only, causing heavy distortion of the sine wave. This load on the mains causes the peaks of the sine wave to flatten, causing the sine wave to be permanently distorted.

The only solution to this problem is, to create a new sine wave from the scratch, with a so called regenerator.

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