WA-Quantum Capacitor Chip 8 mm

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This is the small version of the Capacitor Chip and has a diameter of 8 mm. (The larger one is 20 mm in diameter). It can be used to improve the performance of any capacitor (electrolytics included). The range in diameter for this smaller chip is 8 to 20 mm. The chip should not be larger in diameter than the capacitor.


Hard to believe, easy to hear

The German based WA-Quantum is a manufacturer of high technology products. Among their products is a line of bioenergetic 'chips', which they programmed to improve the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission in all audio and video devices. Special chips are available for loudspeakers, hifi units, cables, fuses, transformers, batteries, capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, power applications, turntables and even musical instruments (acoustic as well as electrical) and mobile devices. A small number of chips is sufficient to transform your system and bring it to a higher performance level!

In each case the chip is mounted on an adhesive backing which can be attached to the device. The chips are programmed for their specified applications.

  • Improves all audio/video components
  • Easy to apply, in less than a minute
  • Great benefits for a small investment
  • Available for 12 dedicated appliances

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

LCD monitors modification Review by Ronald Kemp from the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
I own two identical LCD computer screens from Samsung. I had to recap one of them lately because the CCFL started to flicker. Of course, I recapped the second screen right away, I treated this one with 14 Fuse/Capacitor/Transformer Chips. A certain improvement was evident right away. Two weeks and one calibration later, it is very obvious that the “chipped” monitor shows a far better contrast (white now is really white!) with more authentic colours in a sharper image. Also, there is less “viewing fatigue”. (Posted on 7/31/2013)
awesome!! Review by Alex from the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
I went to business in the weekend: first the speakers, later the fuses and then I opened the active crossover to install the capacitor and transformer chips. First impressions: naturalness and listener involvement get new dimensions - everything is so much more realistic-, milder (hardness en edginess gone), more spacious (depth and with), in short: awesome!! (Posted on 7/31/2013)
No "überchip effect" Review by Martijn de Vreede from the Netherlands
By now, there are 63 chips scattered over my system: in my integrated amplifier and CD player form Marantz, dozens went in. On all fuses, capacitors and transformers there is a chip now. Af first, I feared “the überchip effect”, but more is simply better here! (Posted on 7/31/2013)

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