Kordz EVS HDMI Cable

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Excl. TAX: € 66.12 Incl. TAX: € 80.00

Quick Overview

  • High gauge solid-core OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) with 2 % silver plating
  • Ultra HD/4K video and HD Audio from 0.6 to 5 m / 2' to 16'4".
  • Supports Full HD 1080p/60 and 3D across all lengths
  • Induction soldered connection method
  • SureFit™ gold plated die-cast connector with copper pins
  • 2 kg retention force, fits firmly into HDMI receptacle
  • Full assembly 3-piece shell including 100 % internal copper shield
  • Ethernet and audio return channel
  • Immortal lifetime warranty


World's first THX Certified 4K HDMI cable!

Kordz EVS series has been developed in a similar way as the "top of the line" LUX series. Everything Kordz has turned into the most innovative cable on the market today can be found in the EVS series. On top of that, from the EVS series on, massive silver plated conductors are used, preventing skin effect and to provide generous bandwidth headroom. Silver is the best material to transfer the delicate bitstream, which results in a significant improvement of your sound and vision quality.

EVS clearly delivers the performance which sets it apart from standard HDMI cables. EVS is the Kordz HDMI cable with the best price/performance ratio. The EVS stands out from the rest in this price class because of the materials used, innovative and technically advanced composition and the use of induction soldered conductors to the pins of the connector (without a connecting PCB). Due to this, the EVS exhibits much lower jitter than the average HDMI cable. EVS has 2% of silver in its conductors.

Improvements in sound can be heard instantly. Especially when audio is led through an amplifier, this will result in a more dynamic yet relaxed sound. On top of that, the whole will sound much wider and opener and will not "stick" to your loudspeakers anymore. Soundwise, the EVS is a substantial upgrade! In fact, the EVS series is on of the few HDMI cables that actually renders a separate digital interlink for transferring sound obsolete.

Picture will definitely become sharper and more tranquil when using the EVS, and colors will be presented with more intense colors, full of nuances. Overall, the picture will be more relaxed and has more depth in it. Black will be even darker, more details and nuances can be seen in dark scenes. Kordz EVS truly is a premium HDMI cable, meant to be combined with premium class audio and video equipment.

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