Synergistic Research Foundation Digital IC RCA & XLR

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Excl. TAX: € 409.09 Incl. TAX: € 495.00

Quick Overview

Demo cables available!

  • RCA and XLR versions
  • 4 (RCA) or 6 (XLR) each high purity silver matrix conductors
  • Two stage Quantum Tunneled
  • Silver plated connectors
  • Solid polytetrafluorethylene dielectric
  • Secondary UEF Blue treated (like Blue Fuses)
  • Available in black and white
  • Standard length 1 m, other lengths upon request


More than 1’s and 0’s

Foundation Digital cables employ the same technology found in other Foundation Series cables, plus cutting edge technology first developed for their new state-of-the-art Galileo Active Ground Block and Galileo SX PowerCell. As such, they are the highest performance Foundation Series cables to date.

Sonically they embody all the characteristics that have made Foundation Series cables famous, including a high level of detail without fatigue, deep bass extension with a natural mid-range, and musicality few high-resolution cables can match. But what sets these cables apart from other Foundation Series cables is their holographic realism, something the Foundation Series is already famous for, thanks to a new conditioning process first developed for Galileo Series electronics. And when Foundation Series cables are applied systemwide, you enjoy performance that exceeds even the best cables from the competition, but at an affordable price point.

Foundation cables are sold with a money-back guarantee through participating Synergistic Research distributors and dealers.

Included free Carbon Tuning Discs

Tune to perfection

For a custom match to your system, they’ve included two Carbon Tuning Discs (€ 125 value). One Gold for warmth and liquidity without loss of detail and one Purple disc for extension and air in the most holographic sound envelope possible. Or go straight without a Carbon Tuning Disc; the choice is yours!

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