Synergistic Research Galileo SX USB Interconnect

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  • Second generation UEF filter
  • Gold and Silver Tuning Bullets
  • UEF Matrix Shield with Graphene
  • UEF Ground Plane termination (mini Banana)
  • Optional color white with chrome caps (limited edition)
  • Standard length 1 m / 3 feet
    other lengths available on request


The refinement of perfection

Galileo SX USB cables were designed around a brand new UEF Filter featuring Graphene, and a special UEF Tech first developed for the award-winning Blue Fuses to eliminate digital noise through an inductive process that takes place outside the signal path. UEF Graphene Shielding is now applied in a new Matrix Grid pattern for a striking lowering of your system’s overall noise floor, so you hear detail and dynamics in the most holographic soundscape of any USB cable in Synergistic Research history.

The UEF Ground Plane was upgraded with new UEF Blue Fuse technology and the entire cable was treated to a new UEF Blue Fuse treatment that both increases overall cable performance as it lowers the time necessary to wait for cable burn-in. Lastly, the outer shield of the cable can be attached to ground with an included ground plug or can be attached to an optional SR Passive Ground Block or our SR Active Ground Block for a dramatic increase in overall system performance. From streaming on Tidal and Spotify to full-blown Quad DSD files and everything in between, your digital music sounds like high-resolution analog master tapes when you listen through the Galileo SX USB cable.

Galileo SX Digital USB Cables utilize a 2nd generation UEF Filter encased in noise and vibration canceling carbon fiber. Made from Pure Silver and Graphene conductors with Teflon and Japanese Silk dielectrics, the EM Cell directly filters the shields and is inductively coupled to the signal to eliminate noise from the digital stream for music that is pure and unrestrained.

By connecting the Ground Plane termination of your new Galileo Interconnects to ground or an optional SR Ground Block, you engage with your music in ways you never dreamt possible.  This is because the Ground Plane provides a direct "mechanism" for removing the buildup of harmful static charge that otherwise decreases the system performance. With the Ground Plane engaged, high-frequency noise static charges are shunt to ground before they can contaminate your system. For the highest degree of low-level information retrieval, a single SR Ground Block can supercharge your entire system including a full loom of Galileo SX interconnects and speaker cables or use the included ground connector to connect your Galileo SX interconnects to ground.

The Galileo Tuning Circuits were completely reformulated and re-voiced with new technology designed for the new ultra resolution and musical Galileo SX line of cables. Now Silver Bullets have more detail combined with greater warmth than the prior Galileo Silver Bullets while the Gold Bullets impart even greater musicality and liquid smoothness with a touch more air and detail than before. For best results, it is recommended that you first allow any Galileo SX cable to settle into your system for 72 to 96 hours without removal or handling and without Gold or Silver Bullets attached. Then listen first with Gold, and then with Silver bullets and pick the option that makes music in your system.

Matrix shielding
Synergistic Research is the World’s first cable company to incorporate Graphene, a new, highly conductive wonder material that consists of a layer of pure carbon a single molecule thin. One of the many reasons that Graphene is so exciting is that it is almost a superconductor at room temperature. Superconductors are materials that can conduct electricity with almost no resistance when cooled to extremely low temperatures ranging from near absolute zero (-459.67°F or -273.15°C) to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-140.8°F or -96°C). With Graphene you get superconductor performance without the deep freeze.
Matrix Shielding began when Synergistic Research started exploring ways to improve their UEF Shielding by applying UEF Technology first developed for the BLUE Fuses, to cables. By placing UEF Tech in a grid pattern on the shields of cables SR was able to dramatically lower the noise floor with a surprising increase in musicality or the subjective enjoyment of music. A painstaking double-blind 6-month trial was started, where people would listen to seemingly identical cables marked with random alphanumeric codes to conceal differing patterns of UEF Tech inside each prototype cable and record which options elicited the strongest responses among a control group of listeners. By gauging actual emotional response SR was able to isolate grid patterns that better conveyed the essence of music. Then, building on these patterns to find additional patterns that performed better than the last, were identified. In this way, the latest shielding technology is highly evolved from anything ever done before with each shield pattern selected for its ability to not only lower a cable’s noise floor, but to also convey a greater sense of musical enjoyment.

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