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Magnetic RCA adapters
Line version Analog

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Quick Overview

  • Improve your existing interconnects by using magnetism
  • Breakthrough in A/V technology
  • Plug and play
  • Available as a source or destination version
  • Comes a a set of 2 or economical set of 4 pieces

High Fidelity Cables | Magnetic RCA adapters | Line version Analog

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Improve your existing interconnects using magnetism

The High Fidelity Magnetic RCA Adapters will give you a taste of what Magnetic Conduction Technology can offer. Simply fit the Adapters onto your current cables and hear the benefits of magnetic conduction. Please bear in mind magnetic conduction is a directional technology. For proper performance please be sure that the arrows on the Adapters point away from your source and toward your destination.

The Magnetic RCA Adapters are designed to improve your existing interconnects at a very reasonable cost. The RCA Adapters are designed to work either at the source end or the destination end of any pair of RCA interconnects or phono cables. Best results are achieved however by using a pair of these Adapters at both ends of the cable.

How do they work? The explanation below is a simplified version of a complex subject, but the concept should be easy to grasp. Because of the way that the magnetic conduction functions, the Adapters should be installed and left in place for 12-24 hours before serious listening is done. The magnetic conduction effect actually conditions the connected components as well as the interconnects, a phenomenon that lasts for several hours after the Adapters are removed, so quick A-B comparisons will not give accurate results. Once the Adapters are removed, the original cables will perform better than ever - at least until the magnetic conduction effect diminishes and then disappears completely.

Where do they work? All RCA cable connected components will benefit from the use of the RCA Adapters. Between CD player or DAC to preamp or amplifier, the RCA Adapters will also make any cable you currently use perform at a much higher level.

What should you expect? With the use of the RCA Adapters, you will hear improved clarity, definition, and space between the instruments - in other words, better resolution and soundstaging. The effects are not subtle by any means!

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