Keces Audio P28 6-Way Linear Power Supply

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Excl. TAX: € 2,313.22 Incl. TAX: € 2,799.00

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  • World's first 6-way audio grade linear power supply
  • Extremely versatile in use, all-in-one, separated grounds
    Zone 1: 5/7/9/12 V, max. current 4 A
    Zone 2: 12/15/19/24 V, max. current 4 A
    Zone 3: 12/15/19/24 V, max. current 6 A
    Zone 4: 12/15 V, max. current 10 A
    Zone 5: 5/9 V, max. current 2 A
    Zone 6: 5 V, max. current 2.5 A on USB A
  • Ultra low ripple noise: 100 µV at full power and 10 µV at 60 % load
  • Maximum power consumption 680 W
  • No humming or buzz noise for 50 Hz at peak load
  • Schumann Rosonance generator incorporated
  • Quantum Resonance Technology
  • Audio Grade USB isolator, supports low to full speed data rate from 1.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps
  • External power switching through 12 V trigger in- and output
  • Dimmable meter lights
  • 4 mm aluminum housing; fully shielded against EMI/RFI interference
  • Radiation free to prevent polluting other equipment
  • Audio Grade feet
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Dimensions 300x279x133 mm


World's first 6-way audio grade linear power supply

The Keces Pier Series, to which the Keces P28 belongs, is already a very broadly positioned product line offered by the Keces Audio brand. The P28 is the undisputed top model of the product line and has no less than six zones.

Quantum Resonance Technology is a feature that Keces has used in other Keces Audio solutions, and which is now also found in the P28 Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supply, namely Quantum Resonance Technology. This is to ensure that a subtle field is generated that makes all electromechanical components vibrate in unison in order to improve coherence and timing.

Of course, it should also be emphasised that the P28 features, among other things, four elegant Amp meters on the front to monitor 4 of the 6 currents, which will probably please many a hi-fi enthusiast.

Zone 1 can provide either 5 V, 7 V, 9 V or 12 V, Zone 2 and 3 each supply either 12 V, 15 V, 19 V or 24 V. Zone 4 offers a choice of 12 V or 15 V. There are two additional extra zones: number 5 will either supply 5 V or 9 V while the USB zone 6 will supply 5 V / 2.5 A with data throughput from USB B to USB A. Switching on is either done the traditional way by using the mains switch, but it can also be switched on by an externally supplied 12V switching voltage.

Test Keces P28 von Wolfgang Kemper @
“The clarity and purity the P28 brings to the sound creates an impression of luster”

Keces P28 – Linearnetzteil mit 6 Ausgängen! von Wolfgan @
“The recording venue -more precisely: the air in it- is convincingly defined. Musical instruments are accurately positioned. Everything sounds effortless.”

Netzteil Keces P28 von Philipp Schneckenburger @
“The soundstage became deeper and larger; the elements of the sound seemed to have more room to unfold, which allowed one to discover new subtleties in the music.”

Keces P28 Ultra Low Noise Power Supply von 

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