Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P40 Standalone Version

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Excl. TAX: € 2,888.43 Incl. TAX: € 3,495.00

Quick Overview

Demo unit available!

  • Audio Grade standalone unit
  • Intended for use near your audio/video set
  • Easy to install between your wall outlet and your A/V power distributor
  • Furutech IEC inlet and outlet
  • Wooden lackuered footer plate with Perfect Sound damper feet
  • Gabriel-Tech GDL90 Chip + Fostac HF damping sheets inside
  • 8 Duende Criatura accumulator damping rings
  • Maximum current 16 A
  • Color white (RAL 9016)
  • Weight 8 kg / 17 lbs.
  • Sizes 33x9x35 cm / 13x3.6x13.8" (without footer plate)


Plug & Play

Although the meter cupboard is the best place for a P40, this is not always possible, due to a lack of space or you live in a rental house for instance. You can still enjoy the benefits of the P40 in a version modified to install near your equipment. It is a serial unit, equipped with an IEC inlet and outlet. You should install it prior to your power distributor of your A/V set. The wooden footer plate creates a solid base for the unit, preventing it from tumbling down.

This version has been thoroughly modified, to improve an already great product. Modifications include highest quality in and outlets and OFC KE-POWER WIRE because these parts guarantee highest conductivity. You can even choose between gold and rhodium plated parts. In short, gold will have a full, natural timbre sound, while the rhodium will result in a more dynamic sound full of details. The Duende Criatura rings will reduce glass ringing in the accumulators. The Gabriel-Tech Chip and Fostac HF damping sheet inside enhance the working principle of the MAXiiMUS even more. 

Kemp Elektronics Maxiimus P16, P40 and M100 by Moreno Mitchell @
“Plugging my PS Audio Power Plant into the P40 added more three-dimensionality, sonic impact, and a higher level of transparency than I would believe if I'd not heard it for myself.”

Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P16 MAXiiMUS P40 van maxii Energii by John van Polen @
“The thing is not designed specifically as an accessory for audio and video, but rather to reduce electrosmog for health benefits. Strange enough, the effects on audio and video are nothing short of spectacular and probably can not be achieved in any other way. For what if can do for an expensive high end system, the investment is fully justified. An enhanced feeling of well-being one gets as an extra for free, so to speak. Maybe the best accessory ever and therefore highly recommended.”

Review: MAXII ENERGII MAXIIMUS P40 Tachyonenveldgenerator by Werner Ero @
“Without exception,  the listeners expressed experiencing a much bigger and more layered soundstage, better disappearing of the loudspeakers, a more natural rendition, a more relaxed presentation of dynamic contrasts and, above all, more enjoyment of the music with remarkably less sense of listening to hifi.”


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