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Demo unit available!

  • Worlds first full range Schumann generator
  • 6 SR Modules (SR PLUG) with each an Individual shunt power supply
  • 6 PCB stripline Spiral Scalar Tesla Antennas of 192 m(!) length each
  • The intensity of all frequencies can be decreased or increased by a factor two
  • Shunt device, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Can be combined with all other mains related products
  • 12 Gabriel-Tech Chips internal
  • All modules separately potted in resin combined with Shungite
  • Power consumption 15 W
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Dimensions 290x80x260 mm


World’s first full range Schumann resonance generator!

Kemp Elektroniks proudly presents a component that is unique worldwide: the first Schumann resonance generator which produces the entire natural Schumann resonance spectrum! The effects on the perception of video and audio are unique also and can’t be missed!

Schumann resonance is a natural phenomenon, first thoroughly investigated by German physicist Wilfried Otto Schumann in 1952. He discovered that earth’s atmosphere acts like a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves with very low frequency and intensity. The driving mechanism is electrical discharges in the atmosphere (lightning). The fundamental frequency is 7.8 Hz. Weaker “overtones” can be observed at 14, 21, 26, 33 and 39 Hz.

Frequency and intensity of the electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone is millions of times stronger than those values for the natural Schumann resonance. This means that the Schumann phenomenon is completely harmless for a human being. Moreover, the human brain generates electromagnetic waves itself; the frequencies roughly coincide with the Schumann spectrum! That’s why researchers assume that the natural Schumann resonance waves have relevance for the wellbeing of human kind.

Probably this explains the reported positive effects of our Schumann Resonance Plug on the perception and appreciation of video and audio. This SR-Plug is an oscillator tuned at the fundamental Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz which is radiated with very low intensity by an antenna wire. One might say the SR-Plug offers inside the house a helping hand to an already existing natural phenomenon.

Many reviewers and countless music lovers worldwide have highly praised the SR-Plug. Thousands have been sold. The Schumann Composer is the natural extension of the SR-Plug to the entire Schumann resonance spectrum! Furthermore, the Schumann Composer features a better power supply. The Schumann Composer allows adjustment of the intensity for each frequency. The designation “Schumann Composer” was not accidental: by turning the knobs, you can create your own “Schumann symphonie”! All knobs in the middle position resembles the natural ratio of intensities.

Dutch reviewer and tweak expert John van Polen:
“After a power outage, I powered up my big stereo system and noticed a certain change in the sound. A certain “roughness” bothered me. The next day, it still wasn’t any better. First then I noticed that I had not powered up my Schumann Composer … . I would describe the effect of the Schumann Composer as a kind of extra refinement that pervades all aspects of the reproduction. I do not know of any other accessory that works so subtle at first sight and at the same time has such a comprehensive effect. Presumably, these improvements cannot be attained any other way. Turning the knobs yields all kinds of subtle changes. For instance, a soloist can be positioned somewhat more forward in the soundstage. However, don’t keep turning the knobs; first of all, enjoy better video and audio!”

Reviewer Werner Ero in Music Emotion &
“No, there is no extra octave in the low end, the reproduction is not two times better at once and even bats with their ultrasonic ears do not drop dead in the garden. But what it does is creating a striking sense of satisfaction and a relaxed “out of the box” feeling. Besides, already with the knobs in the natural position, tone colors appear more saturated and a somewhat “diffuse rendition” sets in like one may experience live in a concert hall or by listening to an acoustic musical instrument. Imagination? Absolutely no; when I turn the switch, this impression is gone straight away and everything sounds like it was before.”
“I already knew that the Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz and the first harmonic of 14 Hz yield more quiescence, a bigger spatial perception and more transparancy. That, for instance, turning the 21 Hz knob would position the central musical instruments and voices more forward or backward, came as a big surprise for me”.


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