Kordz EVX HDMI Cable

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Excl. TAX: € 97.52 Incl. TAX: € 118.00

Quick Overview

  • High gauge solid-core OFC (Oxygen free copper) with 7% silver plating
  • Ultra HD/4K video and HD audio from 0.5 m to 10 m
  • Supports Full HD 1080p/60 and 3D across all lengths
  • Proprietary B.O.S.S cold solder connection method
  • SureFit™ gold plated die-cast connector with copper pins
  • 2kg retention force, fits firmly into HDMI receptacle
  • Full assembly 3-piece shell including 100% internal alloy shield
  • Ethernet and audio return channel
  • Immortal Lifetime Warranty


Pushes boundaries

The EVX stands out from the rest in its price class because of the materials used, innovative and technically advanced composition and the use of Kordz' proprietary B.O.S.S. system using directly soldered conductors to the pins of the connector (without a connecting PCB). Due to this, the EVX exhibits much lower jitter than the average HDMI cable. The EVX uses 7% of silver in its conductors.

People who are seriously looking for the best signal transmission cannot go around this cable. the EVX is the kind of cable that even after months will still manage to amaze one about the quality of sound and vision, it will make sure you have an outstanding picture on your television or projector. EVX series without any doubt show how much better a HDMI cable can transfer sound and vision.

Sound will be much better if it is led through the EVX cable, this is evident from the first second you hear it. It sounds very transparent and open, very dynamic and vivid. Bass is more taut and has more detail. For digital sound transmission the EVX is very good. It surely has audiophile properties. Moreover, the EVX is the first cable we would advise over a separate digital interlink. It's a very fine cable sound wise, most users believe the improvement in sound already justifies the investment.

Improvements to your vision brought by an EVX HDMI cable cannot be overlooked. Regarding picture reproduction it is still one of the best HDMI cables available. It won't get much better than this. Nearly all aspects of picture quality will be improved, which results in a very good impression of the overall picture quality. Colours are presented more intense without becoming rude, perspective as well as sharpness improves. Small details in shadows will be shown clearer, but most of all the picture will become more relaxed. Using the EVX you will get the most out of your television or projector.

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