PS-Audio HumZero Cable antenna isolator

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Quick Overview

  • Galvanically isolates ground
  • Cleans noisy grounds
  • Keeps system hum and buzz free
  • Improves audio quality
  • Frequency range of 5 - 2,400 MHz
  • Maximum insertion loss is 1.5 dB @ 1 GHz
  • Unrestricted data rates of 500 Mbps and higher
  • Broadcast quality video, up to 4K
  • Supports streaming audio to 384 kHz 24 bit and beyond
  • Maintains electrical safety
  • F-type in- and output, free IEC adapters included
  • Weight 36 g
  • Dimensions 56/84x25 mm


Removes unwanted noise and prevents ground loops in the audio system by means of galvanic isolation.

At the heart of every high-end audio system is ground. It’s where our audio signals, from the tiniest moving coil cartridge output to the largest output from our preamps and sources all reference to. The cleanliness of that ground has a major impact on both sound quality and noise levels. In a perfect world, our audiophile-grade systems would benefit from a dedicated ground, one that only the stereo system is connected to. But, most of us don’t live in perfect worlds. More often than not, our home audio systems commingle with connections to the outside world and this can be problematic. Noise and ground contamination enter our homes and dirty our grounds through CATV connections with the cable company. If your audio system has any connection to your AV system, or a cable internet modem, then you need PS Audio’s HumZero.

Ground contamination is insidious. Once connected together, the dirty outside cable television grounds will mix with your home's cleaner AC power grounds and degrade the performance of both the video as well as audio systems. PS Audio's HumZero stops ground contamination before it can enter the system. Using galvanic isolation techniques, HumZero isolates outside noisy grounds from cleaner inside grounds while maintaining perfect picture quality up to 4K Ultra television signals, or high resolution streaming audio up to 384 kHz 24 bit and beyond. HumZero's galvanic isolator provides a ruler-flat video or streaming audio signal producing either broadcast-quality images or high-resolution audio data you can depend on. HumZero permits unrestricted data transfers reliably exceeding 500 Mbps.

Wherever the outside world enters your home is where the potential for ground contamination exists. Typically, we rely upon one common ground that our electrical system is referenced to. That ground is generally handled by a copper rod buried deep in the ground. The problem for audio systems is when another ground at a very different potential is tied into the home. The most likely culprit comes from our internet/cable television providers who tie the grounds of their noisy systems at the street. HumZero can be used to galvanically isolate the CATV ground of your internet modem or cable television box keeping clean the house ground. Use HumZero between the incoming cable and your television, cable internet modem, or any CATV connection that shares a common ground with your high-end audio system.

In an audio or video system, the ground should be the single lowest point in the circuit as provided by the AC power. Ground loops occur when a second, competing grounds with an electrical difference is added. When a loop occurs hum, noise, and degraded performance of the audio and video system are the result. Customers often break ground loops through the use of AC cheater plugs, but this is unsafe as AC grounding should be maintained. The proper way of breaking a ground loop is to disconnect the offending ground, which is what HumZero will do.

HumZero offers noise-free performance without sacrificing audio or video quality. HumZero will seamlessly pass high-bandwidth signals up to 50 MHz without loss, enabling noise-free performance of the most demanding digital audio and video signal transmissions. This not only ensures noise-free delivery of up to 4K Ultra television and streaming audio of up to 384 kHz and beyond but keeps your high-performance audio and video systems clean and safe. HumZero is the answer to ground contamination without sacrificing quality.

Galvanic isolation is used where two or more electric circuits must communicate, but their grounds are at different electrical potentials. This ensures the highest levels of noise-free connection and safety as galvanic isolation removes the physical electrical connection. The incoming signal is instead transferred through the air rather than through a physical conductor, thus ensuring 100 % isolation, noise-free performance, and complete safety.

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